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Facebook groups are STILL all the rage and for good reason. They seem to fill a void we’ve created for ourselves in our technology-driven world. They make us feel seen and heard and like we are a part of something important.

BUT Facebook groups are also a time suck, can be negative and if everyone and their mother are trying to get noticed, no one gets noticed. See where I’m going here?

In today’s episode, I tell you WHY you should stop posting in Facebook groups to get clients and what to do instead, how Harry Potter has ANYTHING to do with this and the pep talk you need to give yourself every day to do great marketing.

Spoiler: It’s to make REAL relationships with people…

Filter to use when connecting online: 
Is this someone I’d want to drink wine with while the kids destroy everything in the house?

Is this someone I’d hang out with in real life?

So if you’re doing Facebook groups all wrong (and that’s why you aren’t finding your people), listen to find out what to do to market yourself instead and how it gets so much easier when you do it this way.

Resources I Talk About In This Episode:
Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim