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#066: How to Outpace Your Competition with Local Marketing

Last week we talked a little bit about how to slay your competition and a local market. Today, we're going to dive in a step further and figure out how do you outpace your competition so you don't have to

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#065: How to Slay the Local Competition (or any competition)

Does someone locally do exactly what you do, or close enough to make you jelly and insecure? Don’t worry. We’re about to do something about that right now. This is part 2 in the Clients In Your Backyard series we’re

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#064: How to Get Clients In Your Own Backyard

Do you get your customers locally? Unless you’re a local small business, honestly, most people don't do it at all. But it's the fastest way to really grow and test out your business. And that’s why we’re talking all about

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#063: The Biggest Marketing Questions We Get Asked – From Two Marketers with Mary Czarnecki

Geek alert! What happens when you get two marketers into a room? THIS! Today’s guest is my friend and fellow marketer Mary Czarnecki -- who has impressive brands behind her name that she’s worked with and taught workshops too (like

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#062: [On-Air Strategy] How to Do What You’re Best At + Your Audience Wants to Pay For

For so many small business owners, it can be tricky to figure out how to figure out exactly what you’re doing best -- which leads to trying to do it all.  The problem with being all things to all people

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#061: [On-Air Strategy] How do I use Facebook Groups to market my biz?

Facebook Groups take a bad rap for being a time-waster… and it totally can be. But how do you actually use them well as a part of your marketing strategy? When used effectively, Facebook groups can be a great way

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