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I’m a local marketing coach with over a decade of experience guiding six and seven-figure businesses. As an IPEC certified business coach, I coach female business owners on how to bring in new leads, consistent revenue and get seen in all the right places in their local market through proven marketing strategies.

New Episodes

#138: Marketing to Clients: The Easiest Growth Ever

#138: Marketing to Clients: The Easiest Growth Ever

Most businesses I talked to and work with, get a ton of referrals - like a ton. And the thing about that is, it's good. It's really great. You want to have referrals. But what happens when they dry up or go away? Do you know how to use your existing client base to...

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#137: How Marketing Will Bring You Lotsa Dollars

#137: How Marketing Will Bring You Lotsa Dollars

I think the reason marketing gets such a bad rap in the business world is because nobody knows how the heck to track it.  This week, we're gonna bust that myth up, we're gonna show you exactly how you tie marketing into revenue, and pretty much make it rain dollars...

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#136: How to Sell to 97% of Your Leads

#136: How to Sell to 97% of Your Leads

   What happens when you have new people coming into your world? They might join your email list, find out about your business, but they're not ready to buy from you. What kind of marketing works for this?  For part two of What Makes or Breaks Your Marketing, we are...

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For six-figure business owners and teams who want to get their marketing strategy mapped out and set up in one day. Some projects we’ve done include knocking out your website’s new copy written for conversions, mapping out your next marketing funnel, creating a 90-day visibility plan, and more.