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#073: How to Pitch Yourself on Podcasts with Angie Trueblood

How can podcasting change your life? The better question is how can it not? While that feels *slightly* dramatic, today’s guest Angie Trueblood and I could have certainly made the case for it in this epic episode all about how

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#072: [On-Air Strategy] How do I create and market a group program?

Do you have an idea for your business but you just can’t seem to wrap your brain around how you’ll package it up for clients? Does the thought of marketing this new offer make you feel dizzy or uneasy?Today I

By | November 7th, 2019|Categories: Female Entrepreneurs, How To..., On-Air Marketing Strategy|

#071: How to Make Your First Hire with Amalie Shaffer

Are you running around trying to do all of the things for your business and feel like it's “too early” to hire?You may be surprised at what delegating just a few tasks could do to help your business grow. Today I

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#070: How to Figure Out KPIs that Matter for Entrepreneurs with Danielle Hayden

The lie we too often tell ourselves is that we are horrible at numbers. And then we stick our head in the sand and do nothing but hope our numbers will work out in the end. Most of us don’t

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#069: Why You NEED Consistent & Memorable Branding with Susie Liberatore

When you think about big businesses such as Apple or Starbucks, you can immediately think about their logo, brand colors and exactly what it looks like. Why wouldn’t you want that same brand recognition for your own business? Today I

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#068: How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn was once just a tool for finding jobs in the corporate world. Not anymore!This social network is quickly becoming a top resource for people to find and connect with amazing leads in their network. Today’s guest, Deborah Ager, shares how

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