[podcast src=”https://html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/6827256/height/45/width/700/theme/standard/autonext/no/thumbnail/yes/autoplay/no/preload/no/no_addthis/no/direction/forward/” height=”45″ width=”700″ placement=”top” theme=”standard”]This week’s big question is: Marketing is just not my thing, how do I get visibility so that when I’m ready to sell something so I have an audience ready without feeling like I’m spammy? 

Lucy runs a business that helps service-based entrepreneurs launch new projects into the world without getting overwhelmed.

She is launching a new group coaching program in the fall to help entrepreneurs launch a passive income stream quickly.  As an expert at launching courses and digital products, she’s streamlined the order to accomplish #allthethings that come with launching something so that entrepreneurs not ready to invest in her to manage the project can still be ready to launch something in 8 weeks.

On our strategy call this week, we wanted to simplify her marketing plan and take the spammy-ness out of it.

Here are the things she typically does on a launch: email marketing campaigns, social media posts, Facebook lives, Facebook ads, interact in Facebook groups and affiliates.

One way to simplify your marketing plan is to figure out what are the benchmarks you want to track in your business, that to you, signify success. By narrowing down your focus from #allthethings to only doing the things that lead to you knowing if it’s successful, you take out the busy work of marketing and focus on what gives your business results.

The second thing I recommended she focus on, is the journey she’s taking people on with her marketing. Since she has a lot planned (optins, quizzes, downloads, upsells, etc.), making sure that each piece can lead the audience to the next thing so that they actually make it to when she launches, will be important to nail.

The third thing to figure out what types of copy to use in her marketing is to work backward from her program. By looking at who she’s trying to get into her program and why they would be joining, she can figure out more of how her program will help their businesses and the specific pain points to talk around to attract that type of buyer. Initial attraction in marketing is all about the feelings and the emotional connection they feel with your brand and offer.

For example, we talked a bit about entrepreneurs who have already tried to launch something without success. Those buyers are going to be gunshy on launching again, so a different conversation is going to have to take place on the sales page, in the video, etc. to help them understand that you created this program so that never happens to them again. On the flipside, she may also have newbies who are finally ready to start passive income and they are all starry-eyed and ready to go, they don’t even know the dangers that are waiting for them, so the conversation is more about fueling their fire and being the trusted guide.

Once you know WHO you’re selling to, you can dive into the features and benefits of your program/course to highlight in your marketing.

What happens when you have to put yourself out there to be visible so much, but you don’t want to be seen as spammy?

We tackled a mindset block Lucy was having around posting too much, talking about her launch too much, etc. I challenged her to think about how many people on her list or followers on Facebook/Instagram sees everything that she does. We came up with maybe half of her list looks at her stuff consistently and who knows about the rest.

WOMEN! Here’s permission to go hog wild and post because Not. Every. Single. Person. Reads. Your. Stuff. Every. Time.

Today it’s taking 15-50 touchpoints before someone buys. NOT the traditional 5-7  touchpoints you’ve been told. That’s A LOT of posts, Facebook lives, emails, conversations, etc. that need to happen in our busy world BEFORE someone feels ready to buy.

As you listen to the end, notice how beautifully detailed Lucy is about launches. (Can you see why she rocks her biz??)

Other things to listen for: 
We stop too soon at marketing and give up convinced everyone already knows. The problem is that you probably said it differently each time, so NO ONE gets it yet.

Knowing all the details and steps in the world is AWESOME SAUCE. But how do you set yourself up for success on your sales pages so that people ACTUALLY buy and what high-touch points need to be on the sale page to help people on the fence commit?

Connect with Lucy:

Bio: Lucy is a unique hybrid of a strategist & project manager. Her purpose and passion is to help other badass lady entrepreneurs add scalable revenue to their business model. From idea to launch, she strategizes with, and manages the process for, adding courses, programs and memberships to her client’s revenue-generating activities. She love nurturing and lifting up women who are getting ready to scale their business. As someone who struggled to find balance in corporate (especially as a military spouse and (then) with a terminal parent in a different country!), she feels that it is so important to help other women embrace the flexibility of entrepreneurship, create a life they love, while not trading hours-for-money.