#097: Everything You Want to Know About SEO with Meg Casebolt

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Websites are magical. And beautiful. But just because you build one, doesn't mean people will come. That's where Google comes in. So how do you get your website to show up on the first pages of Google? If you want your website to get in front of tons of people, you need to pay attention to search engine optimization (also known as SEO).  In this episode, I was joined by Meg Casebolt, an SEO genius and founder of Love at First Search.  We explore the in’s and out’s of SEO and how to get your website

#094: Geeking Out on Google Analytics – Part 3

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Admit it. Google Analytics has you excited about data and nerdy stuff. It's ok! You're in good company. Today we are wrapping up our Geeking Out series on Google Analytics to walk through a few more ninja moves you can do and glean from with advanced reports, goals and conversions. But first... Analytics vs Reporting. What's the difference? Our brains glaze over when we start thinking about data because we consider it from a reporting perspective. Reporting spits out facts. Analytics tell us what happened and how much so we can use our brains to figure

#093: Geeking Out on Google Analytics – Part 2

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Welcome back to part 2 of Geeking out in Google Analytics.  Last week we laid a foundation for Google Analytics by explaining the lingo, telling you how to set it up or make sure it was on your site and what’s possible with Google Analytics.  Today, we’re going to dive into some of the reports that you want to take a look at to see which ones are going to be most important for your business as you get started with Google Analytics.  Like I mentioned last week, my goal is not to tell you what

#092: Geeking Out on Google Analytics – Part 1

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Let’s talk about Google Analytics and why it’s time to geek out over them today.  Google Analytics give you the answers about what you need to do or how to make money or what’s working and what’s broken on your website.  Even if you like data, the problem most business owners have is that we look at data like numbers and sometimes forget to reflect and analyze if what we were trying is actually working or not.  Just like the scientific process, it’s helpful to approach data by following (although, let’s be honest, I’m not going

#086: What to Put On Your Homepage to Make it Rock

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If you don't have a website, you're basically living under a rock. I don't care who you are or what business you have, you must have a website. So what do you need to have on your website? I'm going to cover the most important things for your homepage. Not only because that's where most people land first, but if that's not going to convert people to something else on your website, then nothing will. I did an informal poll my group asking them what they click on when they come to the website. They want

#085: High Converting Website Hacks from an Ex-Designer

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Many of you don’t know that I started out (after dropping the newspaper industry like it was hot) building websites. By hand. Like with HTML and CSS. This was pre-Dreamweaver, which was one of the first WYSIWYG platforms on the market. While in college I wanted to go to grad school to do magazine design — but only two schools in the country offered it and it was the opposite direction my soon to be husband and I would be going for his PT school — so that dream died out. But I think that’s why I loved websites so much. Because it reminds

#084: Build Your Website to Sell

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Are you ready to build a website that sells for you?What many entrepreneurs fail to realize is this: your website can become a tool for selling to your audience. It’s literally doing the work for you when people visit it. If it’s built right that is. That’s why I was so excited to bring on today’s guest, Katie Saunders of Pop and Grey. Katie is a website designer and branding strategist that helps business owners build websites that sell. She shares how you can evaluate your brand, how you can know that it’s time to work

#015: The Top 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make On Their Website That’s Losing Them Clients (and how to fix them)

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In today's digital world, to make it as a business, you HAVE to have a website (and one that converts). The problem is not many of us were taught how to design in CSS and HTML, so we throw up a site on a DIY platform (which is a fabulous thing) or hire someone to make it pretty and think we're golden. Except you're not. I'm just going to go ahead and say it. Branding isn't everything. You might disagree, but I've spent the past 14 years reviewing websites, landing pages and sales pages for what