#053: How to Curb Loneliness as an Entrepreneur with Kelley Sanabria

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Loneliness and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. The good news is, you don’t have to face the journey of running your own business alone. On today’s episode, I am joined by Kelley Sanabria of Femworking, an online community of masterminds specifically for female entrepreneurs. We chat about the importance of having people in your corner that you can tap into and the mindset shifts that can occur from having outside opinions from other people. You will find out what surprised Kelley the most about being an entrepreneur and how she came up with the idea for

#049: How to be a Serial Entrepreneur Without Burning Out with Hayley Luckadoo

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While we grow as entrepreneurs, our businesses grow and evolve too. Today on the podcast, I am joined by Hayley Luckadoo, a serial entrepreneur that continues to transform her business. She shares how she originally started as a wedding planner and how she ended up becoming a virtual assistant, motivational speaker, and coach. We discuss her podcast, Females on Fire and why she started it as an outlet for women. We also chat about the importance of connecting with others as an entrepreneur, avoiding burnout, and taking time out for ourselves. If you are feeling overwhelmed

#043: The Dirty Little Secret Behind Marketing with Kathryn Binkley

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There’s a dirty little secret behind marketing that no one talks about. Until today. When we launch a new business, we assume that growing a business simply requires hard work and action. Except, when you’re doing #allthethings and your revenue isn’t growing quite as you imagined it. The secret is mindset changes everything and we don’t even realize how much it affects our business growth. Kathryn Binkley, a business strategist and mindset coach, and I are talking all about the mindset behind marketing and how you get into the right frame of mind so you can

#036: The Power of Community

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Sitting on the front net of a Catamaran, surrounded by high-energy women I had only met in person the day before, I came to a startling realization.Community is a must for me, and a stronghold of my business. You see I'm the person people are surprised to find out is an introvert. In social settings, I am high energy, (sometimes funny), insightful and go-go-go. At home, I'm often reserved, escaping with a book from the requirement to be "on" so much. Yet, over and over again, I find myself building and fighting for a community. In

#025: The Difference Between Successful Businesses and Those That Fail (It’s Not What You Think)

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The difference between successful businesses and those that well, fail, is not what you think it is. It's NOT that someone else is smarter than you. It's NOT because they've been around longer than you. It's NOT because they have more money to invest than you do. "Successful business owners have clarity in their business and that is what makes all the difference. " - Mallory Schlabach How do you get to put your business in the success category? Clarity is not a spark of genius you had one day. That's vision. The difference between successful

#022: How Five Minutes Can Change Your Life

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Today is different. It's not a podcast like I normally create. It was born out of an experience, born out of necessity, and something I loved creating even more than I imagined. You see, I had just come of off a power-house women's conference with women who are kicking butt in business AND STILL trapped by their mind in how far they can do. I found myself in disbelief at the doubts these incredible women were having about their capabilities and greatness. And then I stopped, as realized I do the EXACT SAME THING. That's the