#068: How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

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LinkedIn was once just a tool for finding jobs in the corporate world. Not anymore!This social network is quickly becoming a top resource for people to find and connect with amazing leads in their network. Today’s guest, Deborah Ager, shares how she uses LinkedIn in a non-traditional way to find and connect with clients for her business where she helps people develop business-building books. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re using LinkedIn to its full potential or if you’re curious about the book writing process, you’ll definitely want to hear this episode!  We talk about: How Deborah got

#061: [On-Air Strategy] How do I use Facebook Groups to market my biz?

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Facebook Groups take a bad rap for being a time-waster… and it totally can be. But how do you actually use them well as a part of your marketing strategy? When used effectively, Facebook groups can be a great way to help grow your business both online and locally. On this week’s on-air strategy session, Monique Horb of Organizing Your Chaos and I talk about how to use her growing Facebook group to transition from done-for-you local work. Monique is a professional organizer who helps clients to declutter and organize their spaces.  She has been trying

#059: [On-Air Strategy] How do I package what I do when I’m starting out so I make money?

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When you first start your business it can be extremely intimidating trying to figure out how to package your services for your dream clients. On today’s on-air strategy session, I am chatting with Katie Hoffer, an email marketer who helps business owners to nurture potential customers and express their true personality and brand through their email marketing. Katie has been struggling with reaching her ideal client and figuring out the best way to package her services to clients. When starting a new venture one of the first steps is to figure out if your market is

#058: How to Rock at Marketing on Instagram with Sarah Wallace

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You either love or are terrified of Instagram. Ask me how I know. It is finally time to bring out the big guns on one of so many of y’alls favorite platforms: Instagram. If you’ve been wanting to nail down your Instagram strategy but are unsure of how to best approach this platform then this is the episode for you. On this episode, I chat with Sarah Wallace, an Instagram branding expert that helps clients learn how to use Instagram to engage and connect with paying clients. She shares why you need to get clear on

#056: [On-Air Strategy] How do I use my unique story in marketing?

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Want to know the secret to attract clients to your business? Storytelling. Without it, your dream clients won’t know what you do or how you can serve them. Whether it's through copy or when you are speaking with a potential client, you should be leading them to your direction through the words you are using.  On today’s on-air strategy session, I am talking to Melody Morris, of Total Energy Healing USA. I chat with her about the importance of setting up a story for clients before you even meet them and figuring out which online platforms

#054: [On-Air Strategy] How do I show up on social media as an introvert?

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Does the thought of social media and building community online completely terrify you? What if it’s the main way you promote your business? As a business owner, it’s almost crazy to not use social media as an asset to your business and as a visibility tool. But if you’re someone who enjoys privacy, avoid the spotlight and feels uncomfortable with small talk, social platforms can give you the hives -- just thinking about putting yourself out in the open over and over.  On today’s on-air strategy session I am chatting with Emma Lee Bates, a sales

#007: Stop Posting in Facebook Groups as a Marketing Strategy

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Facebook groups are STILL all the rage and for good reason. They seem to fill a void we've created for ourselves in our technology-driven world. They make us feel seen and heard and like we are a part of something important. BUT Facebook groups are also a time suck, can be negative and if everyone and their mother are trying to get noticed, no one gets noticed. See where I'm going here? In today's episode, I tell you WHY you should stop posting in Facebook groups to get clients and what to do instead,