#063: The Biggest Marketing Questions We Get Asked – From Two Marketers with Mary Czarnecki

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Geek alert! What happens when you get two marketers into a room? THIS! Today’s guest is my friend and fellow marketer Mary Czarnecki -- who has impressive brands behind her name that she’s worked with and taught workshops too (like Johnson and Johnson, Starbucks, and WebMD). In the show notes below, I've pulled out some nuggets in Q & A format. Enjoy!Mallory: What’s a huge question people tend to ask you first? Mary: So the thing I really work with people on is helping them get out of that shiny object overwhelm.  So so many times,

#052: 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business

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This weekend marks a double anniversary for my business. Two years of Marketing Magic and one year of hosting this podcast! What a wild ride it's been -- and I'm sure, if you had to start over again there'd be some things you'd do different or wish you knew. That's exactly what this episode is about. It's 10 lessons I've learned in since starting Marketing Magic -- both business, personal and podcasting. Lesson #1 - Trust your gut! Whether you're just starting out, thinking about launching a business, been in business a while or been around

#049: How to be a Serial Entrepreneur Without Burning Out with Hayley Luckadoo

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While we grow as entrepreneurs, our businesses grow and evolve too. Today on the podcast, I am joined by Hayley Luckadoo, a serial entrepreneur that continues to transform her business. She shares how she originally started as a wedding planner and how she ended up becoming a virtual assistant, motivational speaker, and coach. We discuss her podcast, Females on Fire and why she started it as an outlet for women. We also chat about the importance of connecting with others as an entrepreneur, avoiding burnout, and taking time out for ourselves. If you are feeling overwhelmed

#026: How to Shift Your Business When You Feel Stuck in the Twilight Zone

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A favorite new term of mine to describe where most of my ideal clients live is: the messy middle, a place where they're straddling two platforms of growth afraid to leap to the unknown on one side and afraid to let go of what's comfortable on the other side and being literally stuck right where things are hard. So many entrepreneurs (especially ones focused primarily on the online space) like to set lofty goals like hit six or seven figures instantly -- without any clear idea of how in the world to actually get there. What I've