#077: Why No One is Buying From You… And How to Fix It

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Have you ever asked yourself, even aloud: “Why the heck is nobody buying my stuff? And what can I do about it instead?” I love this question because it comes up so often with my clients because they are usually asking themselves something like: “What the heck do I do? Do I suck or is my offer horrible? What is going on?” I know that if one person has asked me, then a million have thought it,  so this is the perfect place to tackle it once and for all. Let me first preface where I'm going

#024: Double Your Revenue + Stop Hating Sales with Sales Guru Renee Hribar

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The two most important things you have to get right to have a successful business are marketing + sales.  Today's podcast guest is one my favorite people, and a personal mentor of mine, Renee Hribar. I like to say that sales and marketing are two step-sisters that get along really well. There's nothing to be afraid of and neither one is going to start throwing punches. But as women, we've been in too many situations where we've been "sold to" and it leaves us feeling icky and desperate not to make anyone feel that way in