#056: [On-Air Strategy] How do I use my unique story in marketing?

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Want to know the secret to attract clients to your business? Storytelling. Without it, your dream clients won’t know what you do or how you can serve them. Whether it's through copy or when you are speaking with a potential client, you should be leading them to your direction through the words you are using.  On today’s on-air strategy session, I am talking to Melody Morris, of Total Energy Healing USA. I chat with her about the importance of setting up a story for clients before you even meet them and figuring out which online platforms

#054: [On-Air Strategy] How do I show up on social media as an introvert?

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Does the thought of social media and building community online completely terrify you? What if it’s the main way you promote your business? As a business owner, it’s almost crazy to not use social media as an asset to your business and as a visibility tool. But if you’re someone who enjoys privacy, avoid the spotlight and feels uncomfortable with small talk, social platforms can give you the hives -- just thinking about putting yourself out in the open over and over.  On today’s on-air strategy session I am chatting with Emma Lee Bates, a sales

#051: My market is saturated! How do I make myself stand out with Tressa Krenzer

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Many entrepreneurs stop themselves in their tracks by putting limits on what they can accomplish with sayings such as “I can’t do it, the market is already too saturated.” That is exactly what we are going to be talking about today. On today’s on-air strategy session I am joined by Tressa Krenzer, a Reiki Master practitioner and yoga instructor. We discuss the myth of a saturated market and how Tressa’s business stands out from other yoga studios. She shares what her current marketing message is and how she is using referral partners within her community and

#050: How do I market my summer camps to a completely different audience?

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One of the biggest setbacks that brick and mortar business owners face is getting people in the door. Add the fact that a lot of local businesses cater to niche markets AND can be seasonal -- and it makes for a challenging time growing a business. On today’s on-air marketing strategy session, we will be chatting with Rosie Samad, a franchise owner of Wine and Design, a paint and sip studio in Winston-Salem, NC. We dive into how Rosie can fill her brand new kids summer camps and figure out exactly how she should be marketing

#048: How do I Market A Brand New Product to a New Audience? with Joanna Sapir

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Launching a brand new product or service can be scary. How do you price it? How do you package it up and tie it with a pretty marketing bow? Will the market pay as much as you want to charge because you know how valuable it is-- and they may not yet? This and so much more was on the agenda for today’s guest: Joanna Sapir, a business coach, and consultant who helps entrepreneurs create a more profitable and sustainable business through automation and sales processes. On today’s on-air strategy session, I chat with Joanna, a

#047: [On-Air Strategy Call] How to Explain What You Do So Ideal Clients Get It with Amelia Roberts

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You know the adage you can’t see the forest for the trees? Today’s podcast episode epitomizes this phrase. Our on-air marketing strategy session today is with Amelia Roberts, a visibility expert, who knows exactly what she does but was struggling with how to explain it and its value to potential clients. I LOVE what she does so much -- every single entrepreneur needs her help -- so I can’t wait for you to hear us dive into the nuances of explaining what she does and breaking it down into terms anyone can understand. “Take time to

#044: How to Supercharge What You’re Already Doing Well to Scale Quicker

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Have you ever watched someone have a lightbulb moment? This episode is exactly that. Heather Cate is a graphic designer and self-dubbed website rehabber who helps businesses take their online presences to the next level. When you start a business because what you do lights you up, it sometimes feels foreign to be the one in the spotlight and having to talk about what we do in a way that makes our business grow. On today’s on-air strategy session, Heather and I talk about how she can supercharge what she’s already doing to bring in more

BONUS EPISODE: [On-Air Coaching] How Do I Start Getting Clients NOW? with Kristin Page

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When everything is on the line and you MUST get a business off the ground quick, what's the best way to do it? ...oh, and get paying clients along the way. Kristin Page from Kristin LeAnn Southern Wedding Photographer and I dived into this very topic on a special edition of the podcast, a completely LIVE un-edited version on Facebook Live last week. She's not new to photography, but a sudden change in careers last fall made it imperative she get her business up quick and make it sustainable. Kristin has a super fine

#040: Where Should a New Entrepreneur Focus Their Marketing on with Seyoung Park

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When there are a million possibilities for growing a business, how do you figure out the most important one? This was Seyoung Park's main question when she arrived for our strategy session this week. As a new entrepreneur, she has a million ideas buzzing around in her head and its tempting to try them all -- that the same time. But where do you start? On today’s episode, we dive into this very question with Seyoung's business Modern Love. She's a branding expert that helps female entrepreneurs figure out how to make their audience fall in

#037: How to Simplify Your Marketing with Janine Esbrand

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Janine Esbrand, a corporate lawyer and executive coach in London, England, and I dive deep into how to streamline her marketing strategy when she has limited time and a million ideas. She helps women returning to work after maternity leave or a transition, negotiate their work terms so they can balance being a mom with leading a fulfilling career. She has a membership site, course, and podcast, and she recently closed her 1:1 coaching because of time. She works three days a week in the corporate world and spends the other two with her sweet babies.