#070: How to Figure Out KPIs that Matter for Entrepreneurs with Danielle Hayden

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The lie we too often tell ourselves is that we are horrible at numbers. And then we stick our head in the sand and do nothing but hope our numbers will work out in the end. Most of us don’t have a business degree, we went into business because of something we love to do or are great at. So when it comes to figuring out what the jumble of numbers are telling us, it is confusing and scary and we often are afraid of masking the wrong move. Today’s guest is going to change all

#042: How to Stop Underpricing Yourself (and getting resentful later)

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We all undercharge in the beginning. In the middle. Even today, there are some of us listening (myself included!) that are STILL undercharging for our services and time -- and we don’t know why. I mean, come on, we all KNOW, but we don’t know how to get around the elephant in the room: our mind block around asking people for money. In today’s episode, we’re going to talk a few strategies to get out of the weeds with pricing and feel really good about what we offer people when we’re talking moolah. First -- let’s

#017: 8 Signs You Shouldn’t Invest $10K Into That Magic Bullet Program This Fall

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Tis the season of launches -- which means, many of you will invest or consider investing large sums of money in your business (and not all of it is a good choice). How do I know? Because I've done it way too many times. I didn't know what I didn't need, so I bought hook, line, and sinker everything some magical gurus were selling. It's a painful lesson I wouldn't wish on anyone, so that's why I'm brutally honest on this episode to talk about the other side of online marketing and be the voice of