#063: The Biggest Marketing Questions We Get Asked – From Two Marketers with Mary Czarnecki

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Geek alert! What happens when you get two marketers into a room? THIS! Today’s guest is my friend and fellow marketer Mary Czarnecki -- who has impressive brands behind her name that she’s worked with and taught workshops too (like Johnson and Johnson, Starbucks, and WebMD). In the show notes below, I've pulled out some nuggets in Q & A format. Enjoy!Mallory: What’s a huge question people tend to ask you first? Mary: So the thing I really work with people on is helping them get out of that shiny object overwhelm.  So so many times,

#039: An Honest Look at Entrepreneurship with Lilah Higgins

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If someone would have told you what the road to owning your own business looked like, would you have still done it? I imagine candid conversations about what entrepreneurship looks like may scare a few off, but for most of us, it's like a deep drive we didn't know we had. And knowing what's possible, both good and bad, only stirs up that drive more. Just because something will be hard, doesn't mean it shouldn't be pursued. On today’s episode, I chat with  Lilah Higgins, a branding expert who helps design brands for business owners and

#038: The Secret to Storytelling that Sells with Dallin Nead

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What is it about stories that we can't help but wait to hear the ending? It's the reason the Voice, or America's Got Talent or any reality show that used B-roll to tell a contestant's back story has me sobbing on my couch. Stories matter. So why do we try so hard to market ourselves, and leave the story out? On today’s episode, I chat with guest expert Dallin Nead, a content marketing expert who helps entrepreneurs around in the world in all markets tell their story through video to humanize a brand. Here’s a little

#031: Old School Marketing Methods That Still Work

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In the midst of our busy world where every channel seems to be saturated, and every marketing trick ruled a gimmick, how DOES one get in front of their best leads and actually grow a business? Pull up a seat because today we're going to dive into some old-school marketing methods that still work today that you need to try. 1. Direct Mail  Direct Mail is where I first cut my teeth in the marketing world -- and a tactic I still use with my biggest client 12 years later to generate qualified leads month after

#028: Are Sales Funnels Dead?

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Sales funnel is such a trendy word right now, especially if you have an online business. I've seen posts and Facebook lives, rants, webinars and more all screaming: Sales Funnels ARE DEAD! Pshh.. Not by a long mile.  I think this myth gets perpetuated because sales funnels by themselves feel and sound hard. Techy. Like something you'd rather never do. Here are why sales funnels are not dead and how to make sure you have one that is actually helping your business and bringing in consistent revenue: Sales Funnels are the pathway for strangers/traffic/leads to get to

#027: How to Get Free Leads For Your Biz

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We can talk marketing until we're blue in the face.... but what does it REALLY mean for your business? Honestly, it means how do you consistently get found by ideal clients who will pay you money which will change your family's life. So how DO you get free leads for your business?  INBOUND MARKETING Industry jargon for having leads find you OR raise their hand for what you offer For those of us who are still *slightly* terrified of coming across pushy, it's a passive form of marketing where you put something out into the world