#096: How to Launch a Podcast

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Clearly, I love podcasting. A lot. And I DO recommend it over blogging to a lot of clients and guests. But how do you know if a podcast right for you?And How do you wrap your brain around what message you want to share?It’s honestly amazing how much reach a podcast can bring to you and your business. In this meta podcast episode all about launching a podcast, I brought on podcasting strategist, Kat Brendel to talk about why you might want to start a podcast, how you can get started now and how to get over

#087: The One Hour a Week Marketing Plan

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I get it. We're not all marketers and we don't have all the time in the world to promote our businesses. So what do you do if you have limited time to promote your business yet you still need big results and leads flowing in your door?  If you only have one hour a week to dedicate to marketing your business, what are the activities you should put at the top of your list? There's a misconception that you have to spend hours marketing, and you totally can spend hours marketing, but it's really more about

#086: What to Put On Your Homepage to Make it Rock

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If you don't have a website, you're basically living under a rock. I don't care who you are or what business you have, you must have a website. So what do you need to have on your website? I'm going to cover the most important things for your homepage. Not only because that's where most people land first, but if that's not going to convert people to something else on your website, then nothing will. I did an informal poll my group asking them what they click on when they come to the website. They want

#085: High Converting Website Hacks from an Ex-Designer

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Many of you don’t know that I started out (after dropping the newspaper industry like it was hot) building websites. By hand. Like with HTML and CSS. This was pre-Dreamweaver, which was one of the first WYSIWYG platforms on the market. While in college I wanted to go to grad school to do magazine design — but only two schools in the country offered it and it was the opposite direction my soon to be husband and I would be going for his PT school — so that dream died out. But I think that’s why I loved websites so much. Because it reminds

#083: Must-Have Email Automations For Your Business

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*Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through a make a purchase.* Emails are great and all, but what about when you want to do some magic with emails? I'm talking all about email automations and how they're going to rock your world, and most definitely your business. One reason I love email so much and how much email marketing can do for your business because of the way you can set up automation to make it do amazing

#076: [On-Air Strategy] How can I market to my local community with Jessica Skelton

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What’s the most overlooked market of most online businesses? Their local market. That’s why today’s episode was so fun to do with Jessica Skelton, a WordPress website designer who is trying to gain more traction in her local community.  Jessica has never tried to pitch her much-needed services in her local market so this week’s strategy session dives into ideas for how she, as a self-proclaimed introvert, can position herself in a local market, even when she’s always focused on online businesses.  From ideas of how to get her name out in the community to how

#074: [On-Air Strategy] How can I use content to grow my digital product business faster with Jennifer Mackey-Mary

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Today’s guest has created the most genius business that every single woman needs. Jennifer Mackey-Mary, is a wardrobe stylist who helps women create easy, stylish wardrobes with her seasonal capsule guides. I oohed and ahhed about them so much, that I received the Fall one and IT IS TO DIE FOR. You will want to run to her site and snag her yearly membership stat. It has made me feel so amazing about what I’m wearing and gave me a clear focus of what to pick up when I’m shopping. Now, onto the episode. She has

#072: [On-Air Strategy] How do I create and market a group program?

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Do you have an idea for your business but you just can’t seem to wrap your brain around how you’ll package it up for clients? Does the thought of marketing this new offer make you feel dizzy or uneasy?Today I am joined by Rachel Bailey, a parenting specialist who helps families to improve their children’s behavior, resilence or confidence. Rachel has been struggling to determine the best route for creating an online group program for her business so she can stop trading time for dollars in her one to one practice. But with running such a lucrative

#071: How to Make Your First Hire with Amalie Shaffer

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Are you running around trying to do all of the things for your business and feel like it's “too early” to hire?You may be surprised at what delegating just a few tasks could do to help your business grow. Today I am joined by my friend Amalie Shaffer, an integrator and project manager who helps business owners with systems and setting them up for success when building out a team.She shares how you can decide which tasks to delegate and how having processes in place will make hiring a breeze! If you’ve been feeling stuck working in your

#070: How to Figure Out KPIs that Matter for Entrepreneurs with Danielle Hayden

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The lie we too often tell ourselves is that we are horrible at numbers. And then we stick our head in the sand and do nothing but hope our numbers will work out in the end. Most of us don’t have a business degree, we went into business because of something we love to do or are great at. So when it comes to figuring out what the jumble of numbers are telling us, it is confusing and scary and we often are afraid of masking the wrong move. Today’s guest is going to change all