#045: How to Create a Killer Optin

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Ahh -- the elusive optin. It's one of those things that we know we need to have in business, yet struggle with creating one that actually helps our business. Optins go by many names these days: lead magnet, content upgrade, freebie, etc. They all are a piece of content you're putting out into the world in exchange for an email address to continue the conversation, and hopefully, convert into paying customers. On this episode, I'm going to break down step by step how to create a killer optin for your business AND the downfalls to avoid.

#042: How to Stop Underpricing Yourself (and getting resentful later)

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We all undercharge in the beginning. In the middle. Even today, there are some of us listening (myself included!) that are STILL undercharging for our services and time -- and we don’t know why. I mean, come on, we all KNOW, but we don’t know how to get around the elephant in the room: our mind block around asking people for money. In today’s episode, we’re going to talk a few strategies to get out of the weeds with pricing and feel really good about what we offer people when we’re talking moolah. First -- let’s

#041: The 1×1 Marketing System That Changes How You Think About Your Business

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Why is that we tend to way overcomplicate things in life? Like everything from what a look means, to made-up conversations we roleplay, to what to have for dinner and how our children will turn out. It's no different when we're running our own business. From the moment we take on all the risks to create our future and kiss financial security good-bye, we also start to complicate how to create, grow and market our business idea. Not anymore, my friends. What I'm about to introduce to you is a system I've used with clients for the

#037: How to Simplify Your Marketing with Janine Esbrand

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Janine Esbrand, a corporate lawyer and executive coach in London, England, and I dive deep into how to streamline her marketing strategy when she has limited time and a million ideas. She helps women returning to work after maternity leave or a transition, negotiate their work terms so they can balance being a mom with leading a fulfilling career. She has a membership site, course, and podcast, and she recently closed her 1:1 coaching because of time. She works three days a week in the corporate world and spends the other two with her sweet babies.

#027: How to Get Free Leads For Your Biz

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We can talk marketing until we're blue in the face.... but what does it REALLY mean for your business? Honestly, it means how do you consistently get found by ideal clients who will pay you money which will change your family's life. So how DO you get free leads for your business?  INBOUND MARKETING Industry jargon for having leads find you OR raise their hand for what you offer For those of us who are still *slightly* terrified of coming across pushy, it's a passive form of marketing where you put something out into the world

#024: Double Your Revenue + Stop Hating Sales with Sales Guru Renee Hribar

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The two most important things you have to get right to have a successful business are marketing + sales.  Today's podcast guest is one my favorite people, and a personal mentor of mine, Renee Hribar. I like to say that sales and marketing are two step-sisters that get along really well. There's nothing to be afraid of and neither one is going to start throwing punches. But as women, we've been in too many situations where we've been "sold to" and it leaves us feeling icky and desperate not to make anyone feel that way in

#023: How do I treat my business like I’m the CEO so I can grow? with Emily Franks

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Emily Franks is my on-air guest this week and she runs Ivory Ink Designs, a custom invitation, and stationery design studio, focusing on wedding branding. She works full-time and has been building up your custom design business on the side, but it's always been her goal to transition to this full time. On our call today, we talk about how to focus #alltheideas into practical to-do items since she has limited time to work on the business, and still wants to have a personal life. She kills it on organic search traffic for wedding invitations

#020: How Do I Handle The Transition For My Audience When I Pivot My Business?

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 So many entrepreneurs will understand this question because unless we're incredibly lucky, most of us have pivoted at some point. How DO you handle the transition for your audience when you pivot your business? Today's guest, Carla Day, asks just that as she transitions her service-based baby-proofing business into a podcast -- dropping all services for now. How do I let my audience know I'm pivoting?  Despite what your initial reactions are, DON'T send a wah-wah email about you taking away your baby-proofing in-home services. That takes the focus off all the amazing opportunities you're

#019: Four Marketing Strategies Your Business Must Have to Grow

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One of the most popular questions I am asked by anyone new to me is: "How do I create a marketing strategy I'll stick to?" Or another variation is: "How do I even begin with marketing?" I figured it was time I answered the question publicly once and for all! When I think about marketing strategies and help clients create their unique ones for their business, these the four types of strategies we plan around. But, not all business owners are even aware there are four DIFFERENT strategies that will help you simplify your marketing.

#013: How to Execute a Content Marketing Plan Well

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Content Marketing. Either you already have a plan in place, you're actively avoiding it, or you have no idea where to begin. If you've been online for any length of time, you'll know that content marketing is the currency of digital marketing and what makes the Internet go round. It's why there are 300 million + blogs active in the world and why SEO (another topic for another day) is so important. But there are a few problems with content marketing: >> It's too easy to get caught up in the creation and forget to