#055: 13 Ways to Attract New Clients

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How do you attract and find MORE clients? This most certainly is one of my most-asked questions of all times. How in the world DO you attract new clients, whether you're an online business or a local business, whether you have a hybrid business or both? We're going to talk about all those things as well as the four things you need to have before you start attracting clients. The first thing you need to do no matter how far along you are in business is: You have to first have a platform. This can be

#051: My market is saturated! How do I make myself stand out with Tressa Krenzer

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Many entrepreneurs stop themselves in their tracks by putting limits on what they can accomplish with sayings such as “I can’t do it, the market is already too saturated.” That is exactly what we are going to be talking about today. On today’s on-air strategy session I am joined by Tressa Krenzer, a Reiki Master practitioner and yoga instructor. We discuss the myth of a saturated market and how Tressa’s business stands out from other yoga studios. She shares what her current marketing message is and how she is using referral partners within her community and

#044: How to Supercharge What You’re Already Doing Well to Scale Quicker

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Have you ever watched someone have a lightbulb moment? This episode is exactly that. Heather Cate is a graphic designer and self-dubbed website rehabber who helps businesses take their online presences to the next level. When you start a business because what you do lights you up, it sometimes feels foreign to be the one in the spotlight and having to talk about what we do in a way that makes our business grow. On today’s on-air strategy session, Heather and I talk about how she can supercharge what she’s already doing to bring in more

BONUS EPISODE: [On-Air Coaching] How Do I Start Getting Clients NOW? with Kristin Page

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When everything is on the line and you MUST get a business off the ground quick, what's the best way to do it? ...oh, and get paying clients along the way. Kristin Page from Kristin LeAnn Southern Wedding Photographer and I dived into this very topic on a special edition of the podcast, a completely LIVE un-edited version on Facebook Live last week. She's not new to photography, but a sudden change in careers last fall made it imperative she get her business up quick and make it sustainable. Kristin has a super fine

#036: The Power of Community

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Sitting on the front net of a Catamaran, surrounded by high-energy women I had only met in person the day before, I came to a startling realization.Community is a must for me, and a stronghold of my business. You see I'm the person people are surprised to find out is an introvert. In social settings, I am high energy, (sometimes funny), insightful and go-go-go. At home, I'm often reserved, escaping with a book from the requirement to be "on" so much. Yet, over and over again, I find myself building and fighting for a community. In

#034: My Top Secret Method of How to Get Dreamy Clients For Anything

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Today I want to give you my TOP-SECRET way to make your ideal person come to life so you know EXACTLY where to find them, how you can fit into their life and WHAT to offer. First, let’s tackle the elephant in the room. I already know exactly who I’m selling to, why am I still reading? Because your curious if you REALLY do know exactly who your person is. Think about it -- what’s more important in a business that sells to customers than figuring out exactly WHO they are selling to? #truth here >>>

#021: What’s the Fastest Way to Make Cash with Disney Planner Brooke VanHoy

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Today's episode was recorded while my guest Brooke VanHoy, a Disney travel planner, and I were on a road trip to the BEAM Women's Conference. So if you notice the audio is different... well that's why. In case you didn't know, Disney travel planning is a free service and the planners get paid on the backend once someone travels by Disney. But did you know that it's sometimes harder to sell a free service than a paid one? I kid you not. On our drive we dove into two topics that you'll find helpful: What's the

#009: Help! I’ve exhausted my warm leads… how do I fill my programs now?

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We've all been there. You start out starry-eyed and excited to fill programs, sell out workshops, you just KNOW what you're offering is going to be incredible and everyone will want in. Until they don't. Or at least, not at the pace you're expecting. It can be discouraging when you post and post, and seem to shout it out to the world that you have the perfect offer, and only hear crickets. You're terrified of burning out your list and audience and you have no idea what to venture into next to bring in more