#041: The 1×1 Marketing System That Changes How You Think About Your Business

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Why is that we tend to way overcomplicate things in life? Like everything from what a look means, to made-up conversations we roleplay, to what to have for dinner and how our children will turn out. It's no different when we're running our own business. From the moment we take on all the risks to create our future and kiss financial security good-bye, we also start to complicate how to create, grow and market our business idea. Not anymore, my friends. What I'm about to introduce to you is a system I've used with clients for the

#040: Where Should a New Entrepreneur Focus Their Marketing on with Seyoung Park

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When there are a million possibilities for growing a business, how do you figure out the most important one? This was Seyoung Park's main question when she arrived for our strategy session this week. As a new entrepreneur, she has a million ideas buzzing around in her head and its tempting to try them all -- that the same time. But where do you start? On today’s episode, we dive into this very question with Seyoung's business Modern Love. She's a branding expert that helps female entrepreneurs figure out how to make their audience fall in

#019: Four Marketing Strategies Your Business Must Have to Grow

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One of the most popular questions I am asked by anyone new to me is: "How do I create a marketing strategy I'll stick to?" Or another variation is: "How do I even begin with marketing?" I figured it was time I answered the question publicly once and for all! When I think about marketing strategies and help clients create their unique ones for their business, these the four types of strategies we plan around. But, not all business owners are even aware there are four DIFFERENT strategies that will help you simplify your marketing.

#016: 5 Ways to Crush Your Fall Goals Even if Summer Wasn’t So Productive

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Not to freak you out or anything, but there are only 123 days left in 2018. 123!! And if you're anything like me, summer was so loosey goosey that you're feeling like you better get moving to accomplish everything you set out to do this year. Today on the podcast I'm covering 5 ways to absolutely crush your goals this fall, EVEN IF summer wasn't hot and you weren't as productive as you wanted to be. By taking time to walk through these 5 quick steps, you'll instantly set the next four months up for success.

#014: 15 Secrets That Will Change How You Feel About Marketing with Becky McCoy

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Meet Becky. She was one of my dream clients to work with and the first of many authors that I began working with this year and last. On this episode, we dove into marketing secrets that everyone needs to understand about marketing and what she's learned since being terrified of marketing a year ago, to now loving and rapidly growing her business. 1.  Marketing does not only equal that you need to make money Making Money should be a result of good marketing, but marketing is getting your content/message to the right people 2. For

#010: Marketing is NOT my thing. How do I not be spammy? with Lucy Cantley

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This week's big question is: Marketing is just not my thing, how do I get visibility so that when I'm ready to sell something so I have an audience ready without feeling like I'm spammy?  Lucy runs a business that helps service-based entrepreneurs launch new projects into the world without getting overwhelmed. She is launching a new group coaching program in the fall to help entrepreneurs launch a passive income stream quickly.  As an expert at launching courses and digital products, she's streamlined the order to accomplish #allthethings that come with launching something so that

#005: The Down & Dirty of Marketing Metrics and How to Print Money For Your Biz

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Today I am talking about two taboo topics in the marketing world that everyone wants to know, but is afraid to ask: How do you track marketing so it's not wasting your money, and How much should I budget for marketing? This is a short and sweet episode that you'll love because it's full of the exact things to do to track your marketing right now. To download my Marketing Metrics Cheat Sheet I use with my private clients and Academy, enter your email below: