#046: Motherhood, Feminism + Entrepreneurship with Maggie Frank-Hsu

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Feminism has a rocky reputation these days. There’s so much political drama attached to the word, that it’s lost some of its power among the women who need to embrace it the most. But oh, goodness does this need to be talked about more. By you. By me. By women unsure of what the word means. By women who will live and die by the label. Hard conversations make the world a better place. This episode is a raw, real, thought-provoking look at how feminism threads itself into our business as entrepreneurs, what it means to

#029: Crafting Emails That Make Your Business Money + Get You Clients

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Email Marketing is H-O-T. If you don't have a list, you don't have a business. Top objections/questions we hear are: "I don't know what to say to my list, so I don't say anything" A: You actually do have A LOT to say. It's just hard to find the RIGHT thing to say when you're sitting down to write an email to your list. A way to avoid this feeling like you have nothing to say is to keep a running list of all the ideas of thing you could talk about so that when its actually time