#039: An Honest Look at Entrepreneurship with Lilah Higgins

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If someone would have told you what the road to owning your own business looked like, would you have still done it? I imagine candid conversations about what entrepreneurship looks like may scare a few off, but for most of us, it's like a deep drive we didn't know we had. And knowing what's possible, both good and bad, only stirs up that drive more. Just because something will be hard, doesn't mean it shouldn't be pursued. On today’s episode, I chat with  Lilah Higgins, a branding expert who helps design brands for business owners and

#035: The Secret to Building a Personal Brand Entrepreneurs Don’t Talk About with Candis Hickman

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Confidence. You either have it in spades or wish you did. It's one of the most important ingredients you need to have a successful, thriving business. And one of the least talked about. On today's episode, I chat with guest expert Candis Hickman, a personal branding coach who helps women running service-based businesses nail their personal brand and message, about this very topic. Have you ever noticed that the most put-together brands, seem to have a super confident, powerful woman behind them? It's not an accident. Great brands expose confident biz owners. Here's a little of what