#081: 13 Ways to Grow Your Email List

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Growing your email list can be crazy lucrative.  Or crazy hard.  And sometimes both.  You’ve heard a million times to “grow your email list” but what does that actually mean?  Today we’re going to dive into 13 ways to grow your email list (that you may not have thought of yet, and certainly haven’t tried).  1. Do a giveaway/participate in a giveaway  I don’t know why this one came to mind first, but likely because I participated in one this fall and loved it! Giveaways are a ton of work if you’re the one hosting it

#074: [On-Air Strategy] How can I use content to grow my digital product business faster with Jennifer Mackey-Mary

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Today’s guest has created the most genius business that every single woman needs. Jennifer Mackey-Mary, is a wardrobe stylist who helps women create easy, stylish wardrobes with her seasonal capsule guides. I oohed and ahhed about them so much, that I received the Fall one and IT IS TO DIE FOR. You will want to run to her site and snag her yearly membership stat. It has made me feel so amazing about what I’m wearing and gave me a clear focus of what to pick up when I’m shopping. Now, onto the episode. She has

#038: The Secret to Storytelling that Sells with Dallin Nead

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What is it about stories that we can't help but wait to hear the ending? It's the reason the Voice, or America's Got Talent or any reality show that used B-roll to tell a contestant's back story has me sobbing on my couch. Stories matter. So why do we try so hard to market ourselves, and leave the story out? On today’s episode, I chat with guest expert Dallin Nead, a content marketing expert who helps entrepreneurs around in the world in all markets tell their story through video to humanize a brand. Here’s a little

#027: How to Get Free Leads For Your Biz

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We can talk marketing until we're blue in the face.... but what does it REALLY mean for your business? Honestly, it means how do you consistently get found by ideal clients who will pay you money which will change your family's life. So how DO you get free leads for your business?  INBOUND MARKETING Industry jargon for having leads find you OR raise their hand for what you offer For those of us who are still *slightly* terrified of coming across pushy, it's a passive form of marketing where you put something out into the world

#018: Content Creation for Dummies: How to Create Content that’s Actually Helpful Without Freaking Out About It

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How do you create a content strategy if you're an entrepreneur doing it all? Even better: one that actually works! Today's guest on the podcast is Erin Olilla (pronounced O-Lillah), a content strategist and creator who works with anyone from big brands to solopreneurs needing a plan. We did a flip episode because instead of having my guests on for me to strategize with, Erin came on and was my coach to help me with some content struggles I have in my own business. Perhaps you can relate.  She specializes in how to make content work for

#013: How to Execute a Content Marketing Plan Well

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Content Marketing. Either you already have a plan in place, you're actively avoiding it, or you have no idea where to begin. If you've been online for any length of time, you'll know that content marketing is the currency of digital marketing and what makes the Internet go round. It's why there are 300 million + blogs active in the world and why SEO (another topic for another day) is so important. But there are a few problems with content marketing: >> It's too easy to get caught up in the creation and forget to