#033: How to Actually Accomplish Those Goals You Set Last Week

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For many people, Monday officially was the kick-off of the New Year. But it's already a week into January -- is your excitement still going strong for all the lofty goals you've set for your business? I don't need to [INSERT A LAME STAT] here for you to understand that resolutions, goals, and to-dos are hard to stick with no matter whether it's a personal goal, financial goal, relational goal or anything else. If you've followed along with the past few episodes (episode #30 and #32) on how to set and crush your goals this year

#032: How to Be a #GoalCrusher in 2019 (a step-by-step framework)

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Say goodbye to all the notions and experiences you’ve had with goal-setting in the past. Today, we’re starting fresh and I’m going to introduce a two-part goal-setting framework that will make your BIG goals seem easier to accomplish than ever. You’ve already gotten clarity around what went well for you last year and what you need to tweak, and where you kind of want to go. Now we’re going to take it the next step further and put boundaries and some life into your goal for the next year. To begin, download the Goal Crushing worksheet

#030: The One Thing to Do Before Setting Any Goals for 2019

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Goals and I are best friends. The setting them part. The always crossing them off victoriously? Depends on the year. On New Year's Eve my husband and I for the past 15 years have sat down and written out goals for us individually, and as a family to work towards, and it's a time I look forward to more than anything all year. Now before you walk away because #goals are so out this year (and words of the year are in), hear me out. I know what you were missing all those times you set