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who am I?

I am a self-proclaimed nerd that loves bright lips, high heels and wild hair. I am mama to 4 freckle-faced cherubs, avoid physical activity at all costs, and geek out on web design, funnels and email sequences.

Things I am obsessed with: 
  •  tacos
  •  eating salsa like it’s going out of style
  •  reading books for hours on end in silence
  • the Bachelorette/Bachelor trashy goodness
  • organizing & rearranging everything
  • watching my kids giggle
  • how much laundry I can shove into one load

my superpowers

  1. Secret x-ray vision to see the gaps in your business you didn’t even realize were there
  2. Simplifying #allthethings into #priorities so you see results from all the work you do
  3. Strategically guiding you as a cheerleader, with a few kicks in the butt, to step outside of your comfort zone to get noticed, attract out-of-this-world clients & explode your biz

how I got started

I graduated college with a major in journalism and three months later fell out of love with the newspaper industry.

Newly married and about to move out of Texas, I audited my dad’s software business, wrote a resume and letter detailing all the gaps in his company’s marketing, web, and graphic design & customer experience and asked to be hired.

Ten years later….. I still running the marketing and design for his business that spans 28 states.

I’ve trained for the last decade in design, copywriting, online marketing, launches, funnels, and creating customer experiences and I love everything about it.

But something was missing. I felt like I wanted to do MORE. Be MORE. I wanted to help other women make an impact with their businesses. I wanted to show my kids how to do all things they love well; that dreams are worth chasing and that nothing should ever stop them from reaching for the stars.

So I got certified as a professional life & business coach from iPEC and began working with kick-ass entrepreneurs to teach them how to make their businesses stand out, get noticed and massively grow.

“To say that Mallory’s insight was helpful is an understatement! Working with her was a dream because she met me on my level and worked with me to make a game plan that will be successful for me and my business. Not only does she create unique and individualized plans, she takes it even further by fostering a community of entrepreneurs. Mallory is incredibly insightful and her strategies were awesomely effective.”

Carla Day, Inspector Mama

“Mallory was a life preserver when I was drowning in all the to-do’s of my online business. I was overwhelmed, on my own, and doing a lot of winging it. Mallory intuitively “got” me from day one, and pacified my fears and confidently shared a systematic plan that would be taken one step at a time.

A technology guru, she guides me while refining my process so there’s less headache for me. She effortlessly teaches me the most effective strategies for running my online business (and lets me vent about bumps in the road). Her business coaching frees up my time for what’s most important: my job as a mom.”

Deb Baisden, Fit With Deb

“I loved working with Mallory! She is on point and asks great questions that get me thinking about the big picture and how to focus on the tasks that will bring me closer to my goals! It is definitely worth spending time with her one-on-one!”

– Maggie Baker, Indwelt Women


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