A lot of experts tell you to give  your best stuff away for free. But how much is too much? Are you missing out on potential clients by giving them too much of the “how” when it comes to solving their problem?

This week, we dive into Part 2 of our strategy session with Karlee Welder. She’s a spiritual, holistic health coach that helps her clients find their life mission, soul purpose, and higher selves.

We talk about:

  • How to make sure you’re not giving away too many goods on Facebook
  • How to bring your clients into your space and make them feel safe with you
  • Connecting with people inside Facebook Groups without being spammy
  • Making sure you’re only spending your time connecting with people that are ready to work with you

About Karlee:

Karlee is your no-bullshit coach! She is a Spiritual Holistic Healer and Nutritionist. Karlee helps souls shatter society’s expectations and un-normalize the noise around them to start embodying their truth as their testimony to experience fulfillment in life, relationships, and source of income. Her focus with her clients is breaking through their programming, learning to love being outside of their comfort zone to evolve into a higher consciousness level ~ so that they can achieve all their goals, desires, and dreams while it being in alignment with who they are, using her signature methodology, The Synergistic Shifts. Karlee is on a mission to help as many souls as she can step into their worthiness and live a life that they deserve!

Connect with Karlee:

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FREE ACTION STEPS CALL: https://p.bttr.to/3sG84Y8

FREE FB GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/reigniteyourpurposeandfindfulfillment

WEBSITE: www.koachkarlee.com

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