This week we’re diving into the ultimate question – how do you get clients on a waitlist so you’re not hunting them down every single month?

My guest, Tabitha DeSerrano, is a web designer and founder of Vivid Pixel Studio. She works with women to create professional websites, brand identities and build credibility to attract their dream clients.

We talk about:

  • How Tabitha works with her clients
  • The importance of making your brand authentic to yourself
  • Ways to build brand credibility 
  • How to ensure you’ll get clients on a waitlist for your offerings

About Tabitha:

Meet Tabitha – the creative designer at Vivid Pixel Studio. She is on a mission to help women with service-based businesses ditch the DIY route and confidently show up as an expert with a professional website so they can establish credibility and start attracting their dream clients! When you partner with Vivid Pixel Studio, you’ll get personalized attention and collaboration from someone who takes the time to understand your business and your vision. She strives to understand you and your business from the inside out so she can create a special experience tailored to your needs and goals.

Connect with Tabitha:

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