Have you ever dealt with that voice inside your head that has told you that you “can’t” do something? I feel like we’ve all dealt with this at some point in our lives, which is why I HAD to bring on my friend, Joanna Ziemlewski. Joanna is a breakthrough coach that helps people to overcome their limiting beliefs and transform their lives.

So many women I meet run into this tiny seed of doubt in their brains when they create a business, and it holds them back from being truly successful.

On this podcast, we dive into how being an introvert can be an advantage, why you need to take an inventory of your skills and how Joanna helps clients to overcome their imposter syndrome.

If you’ve ever felt the need to change your mindset and rewire your brain so you can up-level your life and business then this episode is for you.

We talk about:

  • How Joanna and Mallory met each other
  • What Joanna does and how being an introvert is an advantage in business
  • How to know the difference between imposter syndrome, action problems or skillset problems
  • Taking an inventory of your skills
  • How your drive and mindset can help you build the skills you need
  • What imposter syndrome is
  • How Joanna helps clients by helping them to identify who they believe they are
  • How certain events in your childhood creates patterns in your life
  • Rewiring ourselves to up-level in our lives as we grow and want to do new things
  • Adjusting your environment to
  • What clients need to believe to overcome imposter syndrome
  • Allowing discomfort to work its way through when going after a big goal
  • Therapeutic and healing ways of releasing energy
  • Joanna’s rule for failures
  • How the universe will test you when you want to up-level
  • How Joanna got started in her business after tragically losing her sister
  • Healing what’s going on at the root and overcoming your past trauma

About Joanna Ziemlewski:

I help remarkable women stop fighting themselves so they can double their business, make a greater impact, and live a life they truly love. To put it simply, I help you transform years of struggle and self-doubt into the results you want in just 90 days. Sometimes even in 1 day.

It’s based on my belief that there is nothing wrong with you. You are whole, you are complete, and we just need to integrate what you forgot back together.

I’ve learned how to use the body, mind, and spirit combined with expert problem solving to help you strategically build your business while you simultaneously design a fulfilling life. I like to keep things simple and efficient (yeah I’m a former chemical engineer). So I’m one part logical to one part spiritual. A little woo woo, but based on science.

As a certified Master NLP Practioner and Senior Leader with Tony Robbins, I’ve had the pleasure of helping people from all over the world and in different stages of life, transform their suffering into empowering meaning that now fuels them. I have spent the last 3 years as a mentor with Sue Bryce Education helping photographers gain confidence and clarity as an artist to create and grow a profitable business.

As a photographer myself, I adore helping women transform from the inside out just by stepping in front of my camera. Nothing makes me happier than to see that special spark lit from within. And this is what I capture in each woman, whether it’s in portrait or in spirit.

It’s by accepting and integrating all the parts of myself that I realized this was the missing piece. This is why so many women sabotage themselves without even knowing it — filling themselves with judgment, blame and guilt, and then feeling like an imposter either after failure or success. Well, I’m here to tell you no more. Let me show you how to shift this once and for all.

Connect with Joanna:

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