Feminism has a rocky reputation these days. There’s so much political drama attached to the word, that it’s lost some of its power among the women who need to embrace it the most.

But oh, goodness does this need to be talked about more. By you. By me. By women unsure of what the word means. By women who will live and die by the label. Hard conversations make the world a better place.

This episode is a raw, real, thought-provoking look at how feminism threads itself into our business as entrepreneurs, what it means to label yourself and how it ties into my very fun guest’s business model and viewpoint.

Maggie Frank-Hsu is an email strategist and copywriter who works with moms who are entrepreneurs to nail their email marketing. In this conversation, we talked about some topics that I don’t think are discussed enough — entrepreneurship, motherhood, and feminism. We also chatted about how email marketing cultivates relationships with your customers and Maggie shared some of her tips for your email marketing.

We talked about:

  • What feminism means to Maggie and why it’s such a big part of her brand
  • The way motherhood impacted her view on feminism
  • Why she decided to reclaim the label of feminism
  • How entrepreneurship, feminism, and motherhood intersect in her brand
  • How she landed on email marketing
  • The mom guilt she has experienced in motherhood
  • Teaching boys to respect and empower women
  • How email cultivates relationships
  • Maggie’s practical tips for email marketing

Connect with Maggie:

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About Maggie:

I’m Maggie Frank-Hsu, an email strategist and copywriter who works with moms who are entrepreneurs. I’ve spent my career helping my employers and my clients seize the attention of their audiences and move them to action via the written word. I’ve always been a writer, and I received my Master’s degree from Columbia School of Journalism and worked for national magazines like Gourmet, Martha Stewart and ESPN the Magazine. Then I spent the next 10 years building online audiences that grew to over a million visitors a month.

I combine those two sides of my expertise—writing and strategy—to help business owners turn their subscribers into people who love to get marketing emails.

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