Most businesses I talked to and work with, get a ton of referrals – like a ton.

And the thing about that is, it’s good. It’s really great. You want to have referrals.

But what happens when they dry up or go away? Do you know how to use your existing client base to still make money?

This week we’re diving in to planning a structuring for how to market to clients and referrals.

So, let’s walk through 4 areas of focus and questions you can ask yourself to create a plan and structure.

  1. How are you delighting your clients?
    • This seems really easy to answer at first, but really think about how to stand out and go above and beyond. Make a list of all the steps that need to happen for that client in order to make a sale. You may find some trouble areas in your steps or areas you can fix in your process!

  2. How often do you get referrals?
    • Think about different areas of social media you could be tagged for, or different groups you could be a part of.

  3. Do you have a referral process?
    • Is there a way that you can collect referrals or ask referrals? Most people aren’t asking for them, but you SHOULD. People LOVE to give referrals, so you have to give them the opportunity to do it!

  4. Do you actively sell to existing or former clients?
    • A lot of people don’t ACTIVELY market to their existing clients. But what is something you can continue offering them?

So, your homework this week (if you are loving this homework thing) is to go through these questions and REALLY think about the answers.  Come up with ONE thing that you can potentially offer to existing clients, and write an email about it. This practice can make a huge impact on how you’re working with current, former and potential clients!

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