I think the reason marketing gets such a bad rap in the business world is because nobody knows how the heck to track it. 

This week, we’re gonna bust that myth up, we’re gonna show you exactly how you tie marketing into revenue, and pretty much make it rain dollars for your business.

I have aptly named this “How Marketing Will Bring You LOTS Dollars” – grammatically incorrect, but I felt like it really encapsulated the heart of this episode. It really answers the big question that I know everybody wants to know. How the heck do you make marketing grow your business in a revenue sense? So this week, we’re really talking about the direct dollars. How do you make money off of your marketing?

We’re really looking at how we make money based on what we’re offering in our business. How does that directly tie in to revenue, and how do we draw people in so they make sales? This is where in your marketing you have to cross from marketing to sales, and you need both sides of the equation in order to do it really well.  If you don’t understand the sales process and how it makes money in your business, it’s going to make very hard to market.

Your homework this week (and you’re into that sort of thing) is considering these questions:

  • What do you sell?
  • How do you make money in your business? Is it profitable? And does it lead to anything?
  • Do your offers lead to each other? Does that make sense?

Even just answering these simple questions are going to make a huge difference in how you see your business, how you make decisions about what you’re going to market, what you’re going to talk about, and how you’re going to sell things.

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