What happens when you have new people coming into your world? They might join your email list, find out about your business, but they’re not ready to buy from you.

What kind of marketing works for this? 

For part two of What Makes or Breaks Your Marketing, we are diving into how you build a marketing funnel that will help your business grow sustainably in a way that’s really easy for you to handle, manage and actually like doing!

One of the last questions I asked last week was this: What is the first step someone needs to take when they come into your world?

For most people, it will look like getting on an email list, a freebie of some kind, or a newsletter.  It could be inviting them to join some kind of community. They could also be following you on social media – another great place for people to connect with you!

So that brings us to an even bigger question: Well, what happens if they’re not ready to buy?

And so what this next part of the journey looks like and this marketing funnel is taking these cold leads to engage with our brand and stick around so we have the opportunity to sell to them. It means we need to educate them and we need to indoctrinate them. And then we need to show them what’s possible. So what does that look like? That looks like showing up as an expert in your space.

That’s why I personally love email marketing so much. First off, it’s an audience you own on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. They can’t take it away from you, right? You have the emails, you have the list, you have that permission. It’s a space where you can show up in their inbox, they can choose to read it or not. But a lot of people do choose to read and they do make a connection. And why is that?

Because your words MATTER.

Your homework this week, (if you like homework) is to evaluate your nurture attract side of your business. 

  • Do you have an email system?
  • Do you have a welcome sequence event?
  • Do you collect emails? Do you send emails? Do you hate emails?
  • Do you send people to content to get to know you? Do you have a community all those are really valid questions and points that all falls into this type of marketing?

If you’re not doing this in some form, then there’s something there that we need to work on. That’s going to be a gap in your business where you could be losing leads or sales that could really make your business shine and be a lot more fun.

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