Why hello, again. I’m thrilled to be back in your ear talking marketing. It’s been a few weeks since we released a new episode and I’ll be transparent — I hadn’t felt inspired. I don’t create content to fit a marketing machine, for me — it has to be meaningful and worthwhile or I’m wasting both our times.

As we come off of International Woman’s Day last week, I’ve been reflecting so much on my business, the women surrounding me, the clients I get to cheer on every single day. What’s become obvious to me is that marketing is a conglomerate word that no one REALLY knows what it means.

I like to define marketing as how you show up, talk about what you do and what you offer in it’s basic format.

But how does that help you grow a business?

Today I’m kicking off a 5-part series where we dive into the murkier parts of marketing that will transform your business if you take 30 minutes this week to inspect.

I believe there are five types of marketing every business needs to have in order to be truly successful. Most businesses? They focus primarily on 1 type. Which means 20% of their marketing carries the weight of their business. No wonder people think they suck at marketing, they’re doing it wrong!

The five types of marketing your business should be focusing on every single week are:

Get in front of new people who don’t know who you are.

Get cold leads to engage with your brand and stick around so you have the opportunity to turn them into buyers.

The most common type of marketing: How you show up to your existing audience every week (or a minimum monthly).

Turn it from marketing to making sales with a clear call to action

How you wow your customers and turn them into raving fans and lifelong referral partners.

Today we are going to start at the very beginning. Where do you START someone in your marketing funnel? And what is a true marketing funnel? A marketing funnel is a fancy way for saying how do you move a cold lead to a paying customer? There has to be a specific type of path that helps your lead take baby steps forward or they’ll run to the hills every time.

Audience exercise episode:

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