Are you just starting out in your business? Or perhaps if you’re finding this or know somebody who’s stuck in the corporate world and is desperate to do something on their own, but has no idea how to get started – especially in this time of COVID.

When things are bananas, you might have kids coming home all the time or going back to school, how do you get your work done and do something you really love?

This week’s guest is my friend Sharika Kellogg, owner of the 25/8 Mom. She goes through and talks about how to create a virtual business using the skills that you have right now in this moment without having to do more. That’s legit, that makes actual money that you can do on your own from anywhere in the world.

We talk about:

  • How Sharika created a business she loves
  • How to take your current skillsets and turn it into your business
  • The key elements to identify when starting a virtual business
  • Different types of virtual professions you can get started in
  • The best way to identify your superpower


About Sharika:

Sharika, The 25/8 MOM is a single mom of 3 little boys and a foster mother of a little girl. She has been working in the online space for over 5 years.  Sharika has an amazing super power that she can show you what your virtual profession will be based on your daily tasks and past experiences. That is her jam!  

Sharika’s passion is helping people figure out how to create virtual professions so that they are owning their time, their financial future and basically their lives!


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