Everyone’s favorite thing in life are before and afters. At least, it’s one of my favorite things in life.

So today, I’m excited to bring back four guests who have been on our podcast since we launched a couple years ago. These women all did marketing strategy sessions live on the podcast, and we wanted to get an update and see where they are now and what’s happened in their businesses. We talk about what they’ve been doing, what amazing things are they working on, and what advice they have for us as listeners.

You can find their original episodes linked below:

About Amelia:

Amelia knows how it feels to feel like you are your industries best-kept secret. As a visibility and marketing coach, Amelia helps professionals in regulated industries, such as healthcare, financial, legal, step away from “just a good team player” status, and fully own their unique mind lowing value so they can get to Yes! quicker, faster, easier and more often. Amelia works with professionals and founders alike, to prepare them to be seen, clarify their message so that their unique value is easily understood. Her client range from them finding the remote job of their dreams, to securing new customers, to generating 400 leads in under 4 weeks.

Amelia’s website: www.solutionsbyamelia.com

About Rachel:

Rachel Bailey is a Parenting Specialist who has been serving families for over a decade. Besides being a mother of two, she also has Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology a certification in Positive Discipline and has been an ADHD Coach, in-home mentor, and psychotherapist. Currently Rachel provides tools to parents who have tried “all the things” to improve their kids’ behavior, resilience, or confidence… but hasn’t yet quite found the strategies that last. She is also committed to conquering the guilt and overwhelm that is associated with parenting today.

Rachel’s podcast: Your Parenting Long Game
Rachel’s Parenting Relief Kits
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About Melissa:

Melissa Ronda is a certified nutritionist + wellness coach who helps busy women ditch diets, stop eating their feelings, take their power back for good. Since overcoming her own addictions, obesity, toxic relationships, and poverty, she’s been obsessed with helping women who “haven’t had it easy” turn their adversity into their biggest asset in creating extraordinary lives, bodies, and financial freedom on their own terms.

Melissa’s podcast:  Bad Bitches Losing Weight

About Lisa

Lisa Zawrotny became a productivity coach and professional organizer after being trapped in her own clutter and chaos caused by caregiving for her Mom who had Alzheimer’s, running multiple businesses, and raising a family. Through a combination of personal development, renewed self-care, and her own customized organizing and productivity approaches, she not only changed where her family lived, but how they lived. The process was so healing that she launched Positively Productive Systems to help others do the same. In addition to years of organizing and coaching experience, Lisa brings 20+ years’ experience in corporate communications and business ownership to her clients as well. She absolutely adores inspiring others to declutter their heads, hearts, and homes to allow space for healing, hope, and a clear path to live their dreams.

Lisa’s podcast: Positively Living

About Marketing Magic:

The Marketing Magic podcast is where women entrepreneurs trying to do all the things come to get inspiration, business strategy, and on-air coaching on how to get their business noticed and growing. If you have a business that people need to know about in order for it to grow, you’re in the right place. This is the place to uncomplicate your marketing. Be sure to listen, subscribe, and leave a review! Join the conversation of other unapologetically successful women in her Facebook community, The #girlboss Club.