This week we’re talking all about Facebook ads.

How to use them to grow your business, drive traffic to what you’re doing and increase your brand visibility. My guest this week is one of my dear friends and Facebook ad expert, Tammy Pereira. I don’t care if you’ve never done ads or you’ve tried them and failed miserably.

Tammy breaks down how to do them well, how to do them on any budget, and how to make them work. She brings over 20 years of marketing expertise and helps both corporate brands and start-ups sell millions of dollars of products and services online and offline.

We talk about:

  • How Tammy works with clients to improve marketing and advertising
  • How to create an online business with Facebook advertising
  • The different and best types of Facebook ad campaigns to run
  • The importance of tracking results to optimize your marketing dollars
  • How to target ads to different audiences
  • What a look-alike audience is and why it’s important for your strategy
  • The $5 a day ad system Tammy created for those just getting started in Facebook ads


About Tammy:

Tammy Pereira is a corporate marketing and advertising consultant, strategist, speaker, and online business owner. She helps both corporate brands & start-ups sell millions of dollars of products and services online and offline. For over 20 years, Tammy has been working in marketing utilizing new and traditional media for billion-dollar companies and ad agencies, as well as her own company. 


Connect with Tammy:

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About Marketing Magic:

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