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One of the most popular social media platforms to be on right now is Instagram.
But, how do we make it work for our business? How can we really rock it out? How can some of us newbies who may be terrified of Instagram, dip our toes in the water and get started?
This week we took a deep dive into all things Instagram with my guest, Sarah Wallace. She is a repeat guest of mine and a rockstar at Instagram. Sarah helps small business owners develop their own personal brands and step out from behind the standard stock photos and the inspirational quotes to really put more of themselves in their brand.
We talk about: 
·     How Sarah works with clients on social media strategies
·     How to optimize Instagram for your brand or business
·     The importance of standing out on social media platforms
·     How to use Instagram when your brand isn’t visual
·     The best way to engage with your audience on Instagram
·     The importance of focusing on consistency and not perfection


About Sarah:

Sarah Wallace helps with Instagram marketing and video confidence for personal brand businesses and small business entrepreneurs looking to step out from behind logos, inspirational quotes, and stuffy content to connect with their ideal humans with a fun, genuine and sustainable strategy.


Connect with Sarah:

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About Marketing Magic:

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