Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed in your business?

It could be that you haven’t niched down enough yet and found that sweet spot to serve the right people.

In this episode, I was joined by one of my first coaches in the online business world, Tonya Rineer. Tonya is a business coach for life coaches and consultants and a master at niching down.

Early on in her business, she found that she was too addicted to helping everyone with everything. Tonya quickly realized she needed to learn to say no to the things she didn’t enjoy and focus on serving the audience that was right for her.

In this episode, we chat about how to find your niche using what you know about your skillsets, experiences and passions! Tonya gives so much great advice on how to niche down and why it’s crucial for your sanity. 

She also explores how you can determine if you need to niche down even further. You’ll definitely want to hear the advice she shares around this!

We talk about:

  • What Tonya does as a business coach for life coaches
  • How she was addicted to helping everyone
  • How she learned to say no to things she didn’t enjoy
  • Why niching down has helped her to have more energy 
  • How you find your niche through your skillsets, experiences and passions
  • How the universe sends you tests around your niche
  • The test you can use to determine if you need to niche down more
  • What Tonya’s working on next and her plans for the rest of the year

About Tonya Rineer:

Author of the best-selling book Mindset Switch, Tonya Rineer helps coaches and consultants master their mindset, grow their tribe, make great money and make a BIG impact in the world, doing what they love.

Connect with Tonya:

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Life Coach MBA

Blog Post and Workbook on Niching Down

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