The best way to grow your business? Grow your team and become the CEO.

But for so many of us, hiring out what we do feels DAUNTING. 

Where do you start?

Who do you hire?

How do you know you’ve got a great person?

In this episode, Amanda Davila and I talk about everything outsourcing: how to know when you’re ready, what to outsource first, how to make sure you’re financially prepared to outsource! 

She spills everything you need to know and her advice on hiring someone and figuring out how to bring in more money to support you as you grow. She talks about her own experience of getting started in the online business world and how she got into work as a virtual assistant and online business manager.

Amanda shares what she does to help people move into the CEO role in their business and what patterns you can look out for that might be a sign it’s time to outsource!

We talk about:

  • What Amanda does to help people move into the CEO role of their business
  • Why she ended up moving to Hawaii
  • How she defines what the CEO role is
  • Why it’s so hard to start outsourcing in your business
  • The differences from a virtual assistant and online business manager
  • How to tell when you’re ready to hire a VA or OBM
  • Patterns to be aware of that you might be ready to hire an OBM
  • How to hire the right people for the job
  • How she noticed a gap in the VA side and how she’s leveraged that 
  • Why she wants to help other people work online 


About Amanda Davila:

Amanda Davila is the creator of The CEO Itinerary – guiding entrepreneurs into the CEO role, where they can truly be the visionary of their business.

Passions: Leading female entrepreneurs to rebel against the “norms” and create an authentic journey in life and business.

You can find Amanda with her husband and son enjoying their home in Hawaii, traveling, kayaking, and indulging in fresh-squeezed lemonade and tacos.

Connect with Amanda:

Website | Instagram | Facebook

The Best Quotes:

“We realized that life is short and we’re going to follow our dreams.” – Amanda Davila

“That was another part of becoming an online business owner. I wanted to be able to move where I want, live where I want and not be worried about having to have a job.” – Amanda Davila

“It’s hard work but we make it work.” – Amanda Davila

“You get to the point where there’s just not enough time in the day to able to do all of those things and move the business forward.” – Amanda Davila

“Your to-do list is never done as an entrepreneur.” – Amanda Davila

“If you want to move your business forward and you’re serious, you can’t afford not to outsource.” – Amanda Davila

“I don’t think there’s really any time too soon to start hiring help.” – Amanda Davila


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