Do you have more than one target audience for your business?

The guest that I had on this week’s strategy session has three… yes, you heard that right! She wanted to gain some clarity around how to reach the three audiences that she has for her business and that’s exactly what we talked about in this episode.

I spoke with Emmy, the founder of Shop Local, an online business community that helps people to do exactly what it says: buy and sell their products in the local community.

We talked about an upcoming show she’s doing and how she can attract more vendors to that show. She shares how she plans to run the tradeshow online and her vision around what that will look like. 

We talk a lot about how her online marketplace functions (think Etsy but for your local community!) She shares pain points that she helps solve for her vendors and I give some advice on how she can leverage her vendors to reach more people. I also give her some tips around using marketing to help smooth out people’s fears and how to use Facebook groups for marketing efforts. 

We talk about:

  • Why Emmy started her business to help small businesses
  • What their give-back program is 
  • How she targets her 3 separate audiences
  • What they’re pushing toward in the midst of COVID
  • How her online marketplace functions 
  • What they’re doing to attract vendors for their upcoming show
  • Trends she’s noticed about her vendors
  • Pain-points that her business is solving for vendors 
  • How she can leverage her audience for her messaging
  • How they use influencer marketing and live videos
  • What the fair will look like virtually
  • Advice for leveraging vendors’ audiences
  • Why giving people a clear path will help them smooth out their fears
  • Tips for getting into Facebook groups for marketing purposes


About Emmy:

I started a website company when I was 19 and over the years saw small businesses struggle with the same marketing issues. I realized that there needed to be some sort of shared Community marketing platform that supported local businesses in the community. Shop Local was born and we’ve grown in communities all over the US that uses our mobile app. Now we’ve launched our Online Marketplace to help businesses survive the big online moguls like Amazon and Etsy.

Connect with Emmy:

Website | Facebook Group | Instagram


Download the mobile app

How to get your chamber involved in Shop Local Online

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