Public Relations often feels unattainable because we usually see it working for giant brands with an agency creating the most incredible spins on news. The secret to actually getting media and the right kind of explosive attention is all about the relationships and followup.

Anyone can utilize PR for their business so I brought Courtney Love Gavin, a public relations strategist to help break down some of the myths that people have about PR and how to use it to grow their business.

Courtney actually started her own public relations firm after using PR to grow her creative goods business. She was profitable within 30 days of launching by using the power of PR to get visible and left the corporate PR world for good.

She discusses how to approach PR for your business and the importance of building organic relationships to help get your message out there.

Courtney shares how to pitch yourself and why you need to filter your pitches depending on who you’re speaking to. We talk about how less is more in the world of PR, why you should have PR for your business and how to use PR in times of crisis. 

We talk about:

  • What Courtney does as a publicist
  • How you can approach PR for your business
  • Why you should build organic relationships
  • How to pitch yourself and your business
  • Why you should filter your message to who you’re pitching to
  • Why PR is about less rather than more
  • What the point of PR is for your business
  • Why you should be putting yourself out there in a meaningful way
  • How to use PR to manage crisis communications

About Courtney:

Courtney Love Gavin is a sophisticated public relations strategist and consultant for visionary entrepreneurs and brilliant leaders. Courtney Love teaches her clients how to use PR to arrest attention, inspire action and increase their credibility, drawing from her 16 years of experience leading PR for the world’s most admired brands and business leaders. Courtney Love is solar-powered and lives in Santa Monica, CA with her rescue dog Chandler Bing. When she’s not consulting or creating communications that convert, Courtney Love enjoys trips to the library and perfecting her right hook.

Connect with Courtney:

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