It’s funny when you start something, you never really know where it’s going to go sometimes. I find that’s the case with the podcast. Today, we’re celebrating 100 episodes of The Marketing magic podcast, which is pretty crazy because when I started this two years ago, I really wasn’t sure where it was going. I didn’t have any lofty goals. I just knew it was where I needed to be, and the content platform that was going to be best for my personality, and for what I wanted to accomplish in my business. The rest was just a wild ride. 

Here are 100+ truth bombs from the past 99 episodes to give you bite-sized inspiration to build amazing businesses.

  1. Find your voice. Find what you have to say. Find what’s important and be willing to say it out loud. – Episode 095 with Maggie Frank-Hsu
  2. Speak up. That’s different than just finding your voice because sometimes we just don’t know what to say, and sometimes we’re afraid to say it. So whether you fall into either one of those camps, I want you to have permission again and to hear it over and over and over and over and over and over and over. You’re allowed to say things you’re allowed to have a point of opinion, you’re allowed to say more than just what you’re good at or what you’re doing in your business. – Episode 095 with Maggie Frank-Hsu
  3. Find women who are pulling up chairs at their table for you to join. That’s a big difference from people who are putting their claws out, especially in the women’s space. If you’ve never had someone who is amazing, who’s ahead of you, who’s on the same par with you, who’s doing great things that you look up to that’s been like, Hey, you know what, there’s room for you at my table here figuratively or literally, you need to find new posse.  There is so much space and growth and amazingness that happens when women take each other under the wing and support each other and you need to find that kind of community.  – Episode 095 with Maggie Frank-Hsu
  4. Find a group of women entrepreneurs who are ahead of you and pay attention.Episode 095 with Maggie Frank-Hsu
  5. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable with your message. That can either look like being uncomfortable saying the same thing over and over or by being uncomfortable in your business, period by saying the hard things. – Episode 095 with Maggie Frank-Hsu
  6. I found this quote on one of the episodes Episode 52, I believe, and I loved it so much. I forgot it was even in there.”Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from.” Gosh, I should get that one tattooed on my arm right now. And I know some of you right now need to hear this message today.
  7. Entrepreneurship is hard. And there are no overnight success stories no matter what you believe, or what you see online or what you read on the news. Entrepreneurship is hard for a purpose. And it is to help you discover who you are. I think it’s so much deeper than just having a business. It also is this whole thing with teaching you who you are as a person, and what you’re supposed to be doing here on this planet. – Episode 039 with Lilah Higgins
  8. The most successful brands and people behind the brands are confident. That’s their secret weapon. If you don’t believe in yourself, Why will anyone else believe in you as well? That’s a deeper conversation I go into with Candice Hickman on building a successful personal brand and lolly if you want to see someone who exudes confidence you need to follow Candace. – Episode 035 with Candis Hickman
  9. Successful business owners have clarity in their business. And that’s what makes all the difference. – Episode 025 The Difference Between Successful Businesses and Those That Fail (It’s Not What You Think)
  10. Clarity allows you to put blinders on so you can really focus on what’s important in your business and you don’t feel so scattered all the time. – Episode 025 The Difference Between Successful Businesses and Those That Fail (It’s Not What You Think)
  11. Okay, and the last one for this section and I loved it, was from one of my longtime clients, Becky, when she says, “Be brave, be yourself. Mess and all.” – Episode 014 with Becky McCoy
  12. Set up Google Analytics on your website for the love of tacos. – Episode 092 Geeking Out on Google Analytics
  13. Understand funnels, even if you’re never going to use the word funnel, you have them in your business.So if you understand how they work and how they work in your business, even if you’re never going to call it that, it’s going to help you close the gaps, and scale your business that much faster. – Episode
  14. Track activity metrics, not vanity number metrics. I could preach on this all day long. Episode Five is when I go really deep into metrics. But if you’re afraid of metrics, you have no idea what to track or you’ve never tracked them before. This is a great place to start. – Episode 005 The Down and Dirty of Marketing Metrics
  15. Know your revenue, know your expenses and know your profit margin in your business. Know the finances know the numbers know the big girl things you need to know that kind of scare you. – Episode 005 The Down and Dirty of Marketing Metrics
  16. Here’s some of the biggest mistakes that I pulled out of episodes that you’re making on your website. You’re too general with your copy. – Episode 015 The Top 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make On Their Website That’s Losing Them Clients (and how to fix them)
  17. There are too many calls to action on your website. – Episode 015 The Top 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make On Their Website That’s Losing Them Clients (and how to fix them)
  18. It’s unclear what you do. Or it’s unclear how to work with you or buy from you or purchase that thing. – Episode 015 The Top 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make On Their Website That’s Losing Them Clients (and how to fix them)
  19. And your website is too busy. If you have any of those things happening on your business, it’s not working for you and you’re going to lose control. If you have people coming to your website you’re expecting to buy and they just bounce because of one of these things. It’s heartbreaking. So audit your website, look at these five things and figure out how do I make my website better, so I’m not driving people away? – Episode 015 The Top 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make On Their Website That’s Losing Them Clients (and how to fix them)
  20. On the flip side of that, here’s what you do need to have on your website, that’s gonna make a big difference. You have to have a site period. – Episode 086 What to Put On Your Homepage to Make it Rock
  21. Show you are alive online and also make it mobile friendly. – Episode 097 with Meg Casebolt
  22. What fits in your screen is what matters the most. With so many heat map tests I’ve done on websites, I can tell you the things they look at the most are on the top part of that screen. – Episode 086 What to Put On Your Homepage to Make it Rock
  23.  Your navigation is more important than you think. So be really thoughtful in how you lay out your navigation so people can get to where they need to go on your site to make a decision about whether to follow you or buy from you or do whatever you’re asking them to do on the site.  – Episode 086 What to Put On Your Homepage to Make it Rock
  24. Have a strong call to action on your site and ask someone to do something important on your site  – Episode 086 What to Put On Your Homepage to Make it Rock
  25. Most people are not ready to buy from you when they land on your site so have an optin so you can nurture people.  – Episode 086 What to Put On Your Homepage to Make it Rock
  26. Know what people are doing on your site, (which you can see with Google Analytics)  – Episode 092 Geeking Out on Google Analytics
  27. If you have a local business or want to get clients in your backyard, set up Google My Business. – Episode 089 Geeking Out on Google My Business
  28. Don’t try to sell everyone in your hometown. – Episode 066 How to Outpace Your Competition with Local Marketing
  29. Be taggable. And what I mean by that is we’ve all seen people get tagged in Facebook land, or on Instagram, other platforms for something, right? So what are you coming top of mind for? What would someone tag you for if they could on social media, if you don’t have a thing, you need to create a thing that they can be known for. That’s how you rise to the top in a local community. – Episode 066 How to Outpace Your Competition with Local Marketing
  30. Some of the biggest game changers I’ve seen for local marketing is for people who make connections in their community. Local is all about who you know, so get in front of people who you can collaborate with. That’s going to be like pouring gasoline on your fire for a local business. – Episode 066 How to Outpace Your Competition with Local Marketing
  31. Create a personal brand. If you want to stand out, you got to have a personal brand you have to have something that you’re known for. – Episode 066 How to Outpace Your Competition with Local Marketing
  32. Assume no one has met you met, so start at the beginning and always introduce yourself and show your authority and expertise.  – Episode 066 How to Outpace Your Competition with Local Marketing
  33. If you only had one hour of time to promote yourself, make sure you’re being visible everywhere all the time.Episode 087 The One Hour a Week Marketing Plan
  34. Build community. This could be fitting calls, this could be Facebook messages. This could be chats, this could be made up in real life, but you’ve got to have some kind of connection with people. – Episode 087 The One Hour a Week Marketing Plan
  35. Create content at least once a weekEpisode 087 The One Hour a Week Marketing Plan
  36. and promote the heck out of that content. Promoting is infinitely more important, but you just have to create it so you have something but spend more of your time promoting and then creating content. Don’t agonize over it, put it out in the world and then promote it like crazy. – Episode 087The One Hour a Week Marketing Plan
  37. You have to make offers, sell something, tell people how to buy something from you, tell them how to work with you, tell them where to find that thing, etc.  – Episode 087 The One Hour a Week Marketing Plan
  38. When something isn’t working in your business, you usually didn’t get it wrong. It usually means you’re focused on the wrong thing. – Episode 077 Why No One is Buying From You… And How to Fix It
  39. Sometimes we get so excited talking about a thing that we forget to actually do the ask. We’re just telling them what to do next. Do the ask and you’ll see a lot more conversions happening. – Episode 077 Why No One is Buying From You… And How to Fix It
  40. Follow up, like it’s your job because it is your job, the fortune is in the follow-up, that’s the same that’s super popular. Because it’s true. The more you follow up with people just consistently showing up in their life, checking them with them, the more sales and revenue you’re gonna bring, yay. – Episode 077 Why No One is Buying From You… And How to Fix It
  41. Ask for the sale. You can’t make a business grow if you don’t actually tell them you’re selling something and ask them if they want to buy it. – Episode 024 with Renee Hribar
  42. Promote until you can’t anymore. I basically sum that one up because you cannot over-promote yourself. – Episode 077 Why No One is Buying From You… And How to Fix It
  43. If your inner circle does not know what you do, I guarantee your audience doesn’t either. – Episode 064 How to Get Clients in Your Own Backyard
  44. Know the difference between just-in-time learning and just-in-case learning. If you’re chasing everything in your business or feeling really, really distracted, it’s really important for you to take a step back for one second and ask yourself Am I doing this? Or am I learning this? Because it’s just in time for that thing I’m trying to do that’s driving my business? Or am I learning this just in case I need to know it or just case as to my fallback or like a what if scenario, those are two very different mindsets than one’s going to help you grow your business and one’s going to keep you in fear and learning and kind of in the baby mode, which you don’t want to be in your business. – Episode 063 with Mary Czarnecki
  45. To get more growth focus on these five things: 1) How do I get more leads or more people into my doors? – Episode 063 with Mary Czarnecki
  46. 2) How do I convert more people into paying clients or customers? – Episode 063 with Mary Czarnecki
  47. 3) How do I increase the transactions, whether that’s having them buy more often from me or having them buy more things from me at one time, so either increasing the transaction price or increasing the frequency? – Episode 063 with Mary Czarnecki
  48. 4) Look at raising your prices. When you raise your prices, that’s going to change your profit margin a lot – Episode 063 with Mary Czarnecki
  49. 5) Or lower your margins by cutting expenses. That one’s the easiest to do but has the least impact.
  50. Share your story, because it matters. I actually wrote this down three times on accident, it’s that important. If you think about it, the people you’re most connected to, or if you’re a reader, like me, I consume books like crazy. I can sit down and read a whole book in one sitting because I’m connected to this story because I feel like I’m part of it. I want to know what happens next, I’m invested. – Episode 056 with Melody Morris
  51. Also, not only just tell your story, but be quirky. Use your weirdness as an asset. You can never be too weird. I take myself for example, most people are not talking about tacos and have hot pink and specifically talk about women only, but I do and that’s what’s working for me and I love it. It gives me such freedom to show up how I want to show up in my business, and it will give you the same freedom as well.  – Episode 056 with Melody Morris
  52. Crush it on one platform first, and then expand to other platforms. I’m going to sing that until I go to heaven one day. People, you do not have to be on all the platforms to start out with. In fact, if you’re not crushing it on one platform, what makes you think you’re gonna crush on 10 platforms? So get really, really laser focus and figure out what’s working on that platform. How do you engage with people, and then move to other platforms because they all work a little bit differently. And it’s really hard to split your focus so many different ways when you’re still testing things out. – Episode 055 13 Ways to Attract New Clients
  53. Get crystal clear on your message, and it’s okay to get help with your message. I have to get help with my message too. I can pull a message out of anybody except myself. Get help with your message because it’s really hard for us to see what’s most important when we filter it through our own brain. – Episode 055 13 Ways to Attract New Clients
  54. Have a really clear offer. Make sure it is so clear, obvious what it is you do and what results you get for people. – Episode 055 13 Ways to Attract New Clients
  55. Focus on referrals. – Episode 055 13 Ways to Attract New Clients
  56. Because we all know your net worth is your network, whether like one of those like sappy little quotes that really make a big difference. People matter. So figure out how to pour into people how to give back to people and how to get that reciprocated back to you as well. – Episode 055 13 Ways to Attract New Clients
  57. You must have sales conversations to grow a business. I had to put my big girl pants on when I hired my sales coach a few years ago, because I was terrified of sales conversations. – Episode 024 with Renee Hribar
  58. Be willing to show up as an expert in your business. That doesn’t mean you have to be the expert but you are an expert in what you know. You don’t need a certification. You don’t need a letter. – Episode 055 13 Ways to Attract New Clients
  59. Repurpose your content pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top. Repurposing allows you to promote one piece of content 100 different ways instead of always creating new content. It also makes you feel omnipresent. – Episode 056 with Melody Morris
  60. If you’re not consistently creating content, I challenge you to start today. Put something out in the world nothing bad’s gonna happen I promise. – Episode 056 with Melody Morris
  61. People buy into people and their stories. So if you struggle with putting into words what you do, do it with a story. It allows people to figure out a way to understand what you do in a way that makes sense to them. – Episode 047 with Amelia Roberts
  62. Dive into the Dream 100. I do this with all my mastermind clients and local clients as well because it makes a huge difference. It’s all about making connections that matter because no one has a self-made successful business. – Episode 047 with Amelia Roberts
  63. More than 90 percent of leads are not ready to buy anything from you. So have a way to capture and nurture them. I’ve had people who have been following me for three-plus years, who are just now saying yes to some of the things that I’ve put out there. But they would have never been able to say yes if I hadn’t had a way to connect with them. – Episode 047 with Amelia Roberts
  64. Create the whole enchilada in your business to see if you’re underpricing yourself and where. So many entrepreneurs come from traditional trading time for money scenario, and what we want to get to instead of trade money for value. If you can list out all the things that you do for your clients and the price of each thing, you’ll see your value differently.  – Episode 042 How to Stop Underpricing Yourself
  65. Need clients NOW? If you’re not visible, nobody can find you. Also, show up where your leads are. Talk about the transformation and make offers. If you don’t have people immediately buying from you or people who are connecting with your offers, look back at those four pieces and see which one’s going wrong. – Episode 067 How do I Find That Elusive Client?
  66. If you can simplify what you’re doing, you can scale it, you can scale it way faster than if you have something complicated. So figure out: what is the one platform you’re showing up on? What is the one main opt in, you’re driving people towards? What is your one content channel that you’re focused on? And what is your one traffic source? If you can nail down those five things, you’re going to create a marketing machine and sales machine for your business. – Episode 041 The Marketing Magic Framework to Simplify Your Marketing
  67. For the person who has a million ideas, one thing that will help you is if you ask yourself, what is my goal? Where am I going with my business? It will help you narrow down the most important two or three things out of all the ideas that will help you get traction. If you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re building, then it’s really, really hard to figure out the actions that you need to take that are going to get you good results as opposed to just being busy and feeling productive. – Episode 037 with Janine Esbrand
  68. Oh, the creepy exercise. I’ve had literally every single person I work with do this. The creepy exercise helps you connect to the right buyers and it will change everything about your business. Listen to the full episode for how to do this.  – Episode 034 My Top Secret Method of How to Get Dreamy Clients For Anything
  69. Create bite-sized goals if you have goals that aren’t getting reached in the way you want them to be reached with how you know you’ve hit them. Adding a little bit of metrics and accountability to it makes a really big difference. – Episode 033 How to Actually Accomplish Goals You Set
  70.  If you are curious to try old school methods or afraid to try old school methods, here are some of the ones that are really working well. Direct mail, believe it or not, still works in certain industries. I recommend it to a lot of local people, especially because unless you’re a national brand, you’re usually not using mail anymore to reach your people so it’s gonna stand out. – Episode 031 Old School Marketing Methods That Still Work
  71. Get personal and reach out human to human. And I don’t mean by just putting the personalized tag in your email, for example, but people enjoy the face to face connections and the things that can’t just be automated. – Episode 031 Old School Marketing Methods That Still Work
  72. Meet people in real life. People still love to meet face to face and it’s still going to be important for your business to figure out how you can work that in. Whether that means you travel to conferences, again, whether you meet people locally in your community, that’s going to make a big difference.  – Episode 031 Old School Marketing Methods That Still Work
  73. Ask for referrals. You’ve heard referrals come up a couple times, but give referrals, ask for referrals, solicit referrals, all the things. There could never be enough referrals going on. People generally like to recommend you to people if they had a good experience. So make sure you over deliver on experiences so it makes referrals way easier to get. – Episode 031 Old School Marketing Methods That Still Work
  74. Think about your business in terms of funnels and work backwards to figure out how to find your best client. Imagine you’re taking them on a journey. Sometimes they come in as newbies, and you’re leaving them during the path. Sometimes they come down further along, and they want to get to the next step or the next scale. So if you know that you’re taking people on a journey, it’s helpful to kind of engineer the journey along the way, right? And so it helps if you start backwards, if you know where you’re taking them, how do you help them along each step of the way. And so how you can find them, if you don’t know where you’re taking them and you don’t know where you’re going to find them to begin with. – Episode 028 Are Sales Funnels Dead?
  75. Take the time to set up your SEO. Set up SEO for your pages for your descriptions, for your keywords, for your alt tags – Episode 097 with Meg Casebolt
  76. Content is a long term game plan that we don’t often invest enough time in, but exponentially will pay off for your business because people are just going to always see it doesn’t go away. It lives on the internet forever, right? – Episode 027 How to Get Free Leads For Your Biz
  77. Email your list. If it feels like a ploy or that you’re bothering them, it’s because you’re not connecting human to human, you’re looking at them as a sale or as a transaction. – Episode 029 Crafting Emails That Make Your Business Money
  78. Review your past mistakes and results before you set new goals. I think it’s one of the most overlooked steps of goal setting when we don’t review what’s already happened and what we’ve done. – Episode 030 The One Thing to Do Before Setting Goals
  79. Getting out of the messy middle of your business (where you feel stuck and doing all the things and growth seems impossible) requires a giant leap. Listen to the full episode for how to break free of this common business growth model. – Episode 026 How to Shift Your Business When You Feel Stuck
  80. Need to figure out the biggest gaps in your business? Ask yourself:  Am I making enough money? If your answer is no, I want you to look at your pricing, the offers you’re putting out in and what revenue-generating tasks you’re doing in your business. – Episode 025 The Difference Between Successful Businesses and Those That Fail
  81. Next question, am I closing sales? If your answer is no, you’re not closing very many sales. You need to talk to more people or take a look at your offer. Take a look at your sales process or figure out how to drive more traffic.  – Episode 025 The Difference Between Successful Businesses and Those That Fail
  1. Next question is, Do I have enough traffic? A lot of times people jump to this one saying, Oh, I just need to have 1000 people on my list and a million followers, this many page views. So if you’re not having enough traffic come to you, the question you need to look out is, where are you hanging out? Where are your people? Where and how do you connect with your people? And how do they know you exist?  – Episode 025 The Difference Between Successful Businesses and Those That Fail
  1. Don’t jump into paid advertising until you have the marketing foundations in your business to support that kind of traffic. If you are not selling to the existing audience you have, adding more numbers to your business is not going to give you more money.  – Episode 025 The Difference Between Successful Businesses and Those That Fail
  1. Ask better questions if you’re not getting great qualified people to work with you. My sales coach taught me is to ask questions to determine if THEY are a good fit for you, not for you to sell yourself. – Episode 024 with Renee Hribar
  2. You cannot run an entirely passive business or start one from scratch and hit the revenue goals you want to hit. In case no one has told you, you will not hit the revenue goals you want to hit unless you’re willing to invest a lot of money in ad spend. That’s just the bottom line. – Episode 024 with Renee Hribar
  3. Treat people like people and it makes your business work a whole lot smoother. – Episode 024 with Renee Hribar
  4. Act like the CEO. This is what CEOs focus on: the sweet spot of clients who you actually get results with, time block to focus on revenue producing tasks are the things that are in your zone of genius as a CEO and knowing what your numbers and your metrics are. Those are the key indicators of someone who knows how to run a successful business and is going to be set up for success because you focus on these types of things. You’re not putting out all the fires, you’re not chasing all the things you’re knowing when to delegate stuff. You know when to hire people. – Episode 023 How to Treat Your Business Like a CEO
  5. The old adage, if you build it, they will come is false. You have to actively seek out your leads to grow. Know your offer, know who is perfect for it, know where to find them, share the successes you’ve given to people or why they love what you do, and then go after them. That’s how you grow a business. You don’t just wait for them to come to you. – Episode 021 What’s the Fastest Way to Make Cash?
  6. Treat all news as positive even if it’s not totally positive all the time for you or them. But especially when you’re pivoting and you’re afraid that you’re gonna hurt someone’s feelings or you’re gonna let someone down in your audience. People want to think the best of you so don’t tell them everything horrible you’ve been thinking or doing, lead with a positive mindset to change. – Episode 020 How to Handle the Transition in My Business When I Pivot
  7. These are the four strategies to think about in your business: Have a big picture strategy. This is where you look at your business anywhere from six months to two years so when you’re running your business and in the day to day when you’re doing all the things it helps you know if you’re staying the course and creating where you want to go. – Episode 019 Four Marketing Strategies Your Business Must Have
  8. Have a growth strategy. This is the one where I most often work with my clients on is to look at the numbers and metrics. If you know your numbers, if you know how to get there. – Episode 019 Four Marketing Strategies Your Business Must Have
  9. Have a quick fix strategy for immediate cash flow or visibility. This strategy helps create new ideas, do a big blitz around one idea or use someone else’s platform if you have the opportunity. The problem is, if you do this very often it creates tunnel vision in your business and you no longer have a path you’re following. – Episode 019 Four Marketing Strategies Your Business Must Have
  10. Know the seasonal launches and patterns in your business. Typically, people think of these either in the launch world, whether you’re launching courses or a digital product, or you know, like seasons, you’re having actual, like, products get product lines coming out when you’re launching things. But I like to think about seasons, seasonal launches differently than those. I also use launches in terms of how do I create the business I want to create based on my lifestyle? – Episode 019 Four Marketing Strategies Your Business Must Have
  11. More people get stuck on creating content because of mindset, and the stories that we’re telling ourselves more than anything else. It’s not usually because you don’t have any good ideas. So I want to challenge you, if you are afraid to create content, you’re stuck in creating content, you know, you want to create content, any of those content pieces or categories, just start putting something out there. And it’s going to make a huge difference. When you let go of the fear when you let go of the thing, like a fear that you’re going to be useless or it’s not a good idea. And you just release it into the world, you’re going to be surprised how much traction it gets. – Episode 018 Content Creation for Dummies
  12. Know when NOT to invest $10,000 in your business.
    – If you’re desperate for a solution or a change in your business, it’s not the time to invest money, the problem is not in what you’re doing, the problem is in your head.
    – Don’t invest when the price tag is too high. I tell people all the time who want to join the mastermind with me. “This may not fit your budget and don’t put it on a credit card, please, I don’t want you to go into debt to work with me. There’s other ways to work with me, or to grow your business until you can get to a point where you can afford me.”
    – If it sounds like a miracle program, it probably is.
    – If the person is brand new to you, it’s not a great idea to invest in dollars with them.
    – If you’ve never worked with someone before in any capacity, whether that’s even just trying their opt in, watching their lives taking their advice on something before you invest a ton of money
    – If it’s a program where you don’t have access to the person, then it’s probably not the program for you.
    – Just be careful with “gurus” You’ll know who they are, if you follow them, you know, they have million dollar launches and those kinds of things. I would only caution you to be wary with them, because they have accelerated success. And it’s easy for people to buy into, again, that hope and dreams of the possibility of businesses. That’s not realistic for a lot of people because there’s a tipping point in businesses, and it happens to all of us at some point or another. If they’re having million dollar launches, they’ve hit their tipping point, right. It’s where all of a sudden all of the hard work you put into it. Finally tips and you can have these massive launches massive, massive rewards and successes in your business, but it doesn’t happen overnight. And what they’re selling is that it can happen overnight. – Episode 017 8 Signs You Shouldn’t Invest $10K Into That Magic Bullet Program This Fall
  1. If you’re doing too much on your to do list, then it’s time for you to create a minimum viable task list. I love this because it gives you permission of the things you have to get done versus the things you should and should get done, there’s a big distinction and a lot of times our to do list doesn’t break those up for us. – Episode 016 5 Ways to Crush Your Fall Goals Even if Summer Wasn’t So Productive
  1. Marketing isn’t always going to be tied to revenue and that’s okay. I think that’s important to say because I think a lot of times in business, we assume anything we do in business is going to bring us back money. And sometimes that’s not the case. That’s not what it was meant to do. Yes, marketing should bring back some money. That’s the whole point, right. But if you don’t know how to sell either, then marketing is not coming to you a lot of good, it’s gonna get you a lot of visibility, but you’re still not going to make sales. – Episode 014 15 Secrets That Will Change How You Feel About Marketing with Becky McCoy
  1. It’s okay if not everyone is going to follow you forever, or for not going to take your entire path. It can be really frustrating as a business owner because we know the results we can get for our clients and our customers if they just do what we tell them to do. Right? If you would just do what I told you to do. I know you would get to x. But that’s not the case. People are people and people are fickle. People don’t always do the things they want. Do because they have their own agendas, and rightly so. So I want to give you permission to understand that it’s okay. If people don’t complete things that’s on them more than it’s on you and your program for the most part. – Episode 014 15 Secrets That Will Change How You Feel About Marketing with Becky McCoy
  2. The more specific you can get, the more you’re going to find your people. And this goes back to niching down. It’s a very, very scary thing for a lot of people. But I promise you, it’s going to make a world of difference in how you market and how much easier it becomes to market when you get really crystal clear. – Episode 014 15 Secrets That Will Change How You Feel About Marketing with Becky McCoy
  3. You don’t have to serve one type of person forever. I think a lot of times when we feel like we’re pivoting, we call the word pivot a lot right now. In our businesses, we feel like oh my gosh, I’m such a fraud. As you grow as a person and as a business, your audience may change entirely. – Episode 014 15 Secrets That Will Change How You Feel About Marketing with Becky McCoy
  4. Marketing is creative. It’s a creative work and it really depends on who you are as a person. That’s why formulas don’t work. So if you’re looking for formulas, that doesn’t work for marketing – Episode 014 15 Secrets That Will Change How You Feel About Marketing with Becky McCoy
  5. Take risks in your business, be okay to be uncomfortable and it’s okay to be afraid. I want to normalize all these things for you. It’s okay to take a big leap into the unknown sometimes, because a lot of times we’re going to find it’s a lot less scary than we thought it was going to be. And we’re really totally equipped to handle big leaps and growth in our business. – Episode 014 15 Secrets That Will Change How You Feel About Marketing with Becky McCoy

And that’s a wrap! 102 marketing and business tidbits pulled from the past 99 episodes to help you be a better biz owner, marketer for your business and all over human in this business world.

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