Do you know the direction that you want your business to be headed to?

With everything happening around the world with he COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no doubt that the decisions you make now can have long term impacts on your business. 

With that in mind, I wanted to bring on someone who could help us understand and navigate through this time better within our businesses. I had the pleasure to speak with Casey Gromer, founder of Wave Marketing.

Casey helps companies by stepping in as their own CMO and helping them to make better, more informed marketing strategies. 

She shares why you need to know what direction you want your business to go and the foundational things you need to consider during this time. 

Casey talks about why you need to create 90-day action plans and the importance of having a weekly CEO meeting to assess direction and strategy. We also talk about the differences men and women have in how they grow and market their businesses, why she hires other marketers to help her in her business and so much more. 

We talk about:

  • How Casey got started with her company Wave Marketing
  • The long term implications of making decisions in this climate
  • How there’s more that one right path to grow your business
  • What foundational things you need to think about for your business during this time
  • Why Casey hires other marketers to help with her business strategy 
  • How she approaches strategic planning and her tips for planning
  • Why you need a weekly CEO meeting
  • The differences between how men and women grow and market their businesses

About Casey Gromer:

I’m your Small Business CMO. Companies just like you hire me to help their business reach its full growth potential.

I’m a strategic marketing leader, partner, and trusted advisor. I put strategies and systems in place to ensure the success of your marketing initiatives. Together, we put the right people doing the right things so you are able to save time, resources, and money. Once you have the structure, it’s easily repeatable to support your long term growth.

I’ve spent over 20 years leading marketing teams for Fortune 50 corporations and now work with companies with big visions.

Connect with Casey:

Website | Facebook | LinkedIn

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