Websites are magical. And beautiful.

But just because you build one, doesn’t mean people will come.

That’s where Google comes in. So how do you get your website to show up on the first pages of Google?

If you want your website to get in front of tons of people, you need to pay attention to search engine optimization (also known as SEO). 

In this episode, I was joined by Meg Casebolt, an SEO genius and founder of Love at First Search.  We explore the in’s and out’s of SEO and how to get your website ranked higher in search engines.

Meg and I geek out on how she helps clients with their SEO and the first place to start working on your SEO. She gives us her favorite tools to help improve your rankings.

We chat about why you need to have consistency for the sake of your SEO and how you can use customer reviews and testimonials to help your business show up higher in searches. 

We talk about:

  • What Meg does and how she got started in the SEO world
  • How testing things out helps you to figure out what you really like for your business
  • Meg’s approach to SEO and where she starts
  • How to audit your own website SEO
  • Tools she recommends for improving your SEO
  • Why you need consistency to optimize your SEO
  • How to use Google My Business 
  • Why you have to be willing to put in the work to show up in search results
  • How reviews help your website to get found in search

About Meg Casebolt:

I’m Meg Casebolt and I’ve been helping female business owners like you create beautiful, search-friendly websites and strategic content for the past 6 years.

I’m your no-B.S. bestie who makes it super easy for your dream customers to find – and adore! – you online, resulting in effortless web traffic, consistent customers, soaring profit and SO much more free time (and sanity)!

Connect with Meg:

Website | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | YouTube

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