Being real matters in everything. 

It’s an added bonus that it helps with your marketing too.

Even though I’ve been doing marketing for more than 13 years, I’ve wrestled with finding my voice for more than two years. 

Which is one of my main reasons for loving this podcast.

While it’s a huge boon to my business, it’s also a passion project where I get to talk about what I want.  And if I don’t feel inspired like last week — and release an episode off the cuff four days late, its OK because it’s my podcast and I can figure out what matters.

So why is there an episode on this now?

Because it’s only March and I hear a frantic weariness from all the people in my life — both personal and business. 

The Coronovirus. 

American politics.

The economy.


Personal traumas. 

The pressure of growing a viable business.

If you add all of these things on top of trying to be perfect and image-worthy at all times, I feel like no wonder it’s March and we are weary.

If you’ve ever needed it, today, I give permission to be you, always. 

This means in all your relationships. In parenting – both people and pets!

Certainly be you in your own business .

My good friend Maggie Frank Hsu writes exquisite personal emails that I devour every week. And more often than not reply back to.

She talks about just sitting down and writing to write, not to have amazing words come forth. 

What would your life look like if you took the time to just be you?

How would you show up differently than you do right now? 

What would you stop doing? 

This is me:

We joke about my love of tacos – but I am a freak. They would come up in conversation eventually, let’s be honest.

Besides tacos, I’m passionate about women knowing money and numbers and being able to visualize and build wealth and teams and sustainable businesses. 

I am also the inappropriate friend sending memes at all hours of the day. 

I am a book lover — to my husband’s chagrin sometimes. I wanna nerd out more than I currently do. 

I’m also going to tell you that parenting is super hard. I want it to be OK to say it aloud sometimes and not have this picture-perfect image. 

So back to being real — now that we’ve talked about permission around it. 

I’ve always said it’s the tiny things that endear us to others and build that know, like, trust factor. 

I see it play out over and over again. 

Just last week, I took my oldest daughter to a Lauren Daigle concert. She’s a mega Christian artist with a soulful voice you can’t help but love, in case you are googling her now.

In the middle of a set, she finds a scrunchie in her pocket while explaining the next song and starts cracking up and talking to herself. It’s so random — but interesting. She’s a SUPER STAR being totally normal and squirreled in the middle of her own concert.

It made her even more relatable. Especially when you add her deep Louisiana accent. 🙂

If you’re a parent, just think about the unique personalities of your own kids — each one is probably so different than the other and has quirks that crack you up and that you want to remember forever. 


We just never see the magical endearing things in ourselves.

I see it. Others watching you see it.

So go be you. 

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