Last week on the podcast we talked about all the ways to grow your email list and why. So if you’re jazzed up a bit about email, I’ve done my job.

Except there’s a place I think you may get stuck that we need to talk about today. 

For online business owners who are want to become known locally in their own community, region or state — the problem with writing emails is that they usually don’t know what to say. 

But for some reason, when you have a business that only operates locally and you depend upon the people in your community to become your clients or customers to thrive — that’s not the case.

You tend to get stuck with WHY do I even need to email? 

Ooh lolly — get ready. What I’m about to break down is going to have you rethinking your email marketing. In fact, I almost feel like local email campaigns are even MORE important than for any other entrepreneur. 

And here’s why: 

Emails from a local business feel urgent. 

They usually revolve around events — whether that’s sales, special promotions, workshops, limited space, an event you’re hosting, a place you’ll be out in town — it’s all around something happening, that if the people on your list don’t open — they’ll miss out entirely. 

This means you have a HUGE opportunity to use email to increase your foot traffic. 

If your community expects to be in the know when they join your list and you’re driving them back to your physical location, to meet you, to a workshop, etc. — you’ll immediately increase the foot traffic to your business. 

Email marketing helps your local business create a community. 

That’s one reason people shop, live and participate in their hometowns and surrounding areas, right? Because of the community. The chance to get to know their neighbors. To shop local. To help the economy where they live. 

If they are asking for a community, why not create your own raving tribe of fans rallying around your business? 

  • Use email to bring people together for a purpose. Invite them to an event at your physical location if you have a brick and mortar. 
  • Start a quarterly or monthly dinner/cocktail party/coffee meet up if you’re a service provider and don’t necessarily want people crowding into your office (or home office). 
  • Host a panel around your business with community members. 
  • Participate in your local community and invite your clients/customers to come participate with you. 

These things can only help your business — and they make you feel good in the process. 

Email marketing helps your local community be in the know. 

We are a nosy bunch of people.

It’s why we keep opting into things every single day. We want to know what’s new. We want to be first to hear something. We want the inside scoops, the special deals, the coupons, and one-time seasonal offers.

So use your email marketing to give that to your tribe. 

Make them feel special and they’ll reward you with their loyalty and their referral powers. 

Email marketing helps your local business build relationships. 

This one feeds into all the others, if you’ve noticed, but so much of marketing is built on how you make others feel. Not necessarily what you’re teaching them.

People buy from those they know, like and trust. So use your email list to bring the human side out of your brand, so others get to know you. 

Be quirky. Show off your office pet. Introduce your team. Talk about what you do on the weekends. Invite them to your IG feed if it shows the behind the scenes of running your business.

The more people get to know you, the more they can’t help but fall in love and invest themselves in you as well. 

Email marketing can be used to educate. 

In the online space, this is where we usually see most of email go to, which is why so many entrepreneurs struggle with consistently writing emails. That’s way too much pressure on them all the time! 

However, sometimes you want to show off your expertise to your people and you can use email to help them understand why you and your business and no one else’s locally.

This is one way to stand out. 

  • Highlight products if you sell things in a physical shop. 
  • Host workshops around your area of expertise and invite others to come. 
  • Host an interview series of other local business owners to discuss a topic in the community and how you can solve it, and invite others to watch. 
  • Show the behind the scenes of how you create, invent or talk about your business. Highlight what makes you different. 

Just recording this episode has my wheel spinning again on how to utilize email even more in my own community — and I hope it’s doing the same for you. 

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