January is the time of year when we figure out all the new things we want to accomplish in the new year, and I LOVE it. But it should also be a time to figure out all the things you really should STOP doing, like immediately. So I’ve had a bunch of downtime over the holidays to really figure out what’s held me back and how to change it.

1. Stop being wishy-washy about my niche.

I preach 100x on here to niche down.

I’ve known what I should niche down to for 6 months. I’ve dabbled in it — sat on it — been afraid to say it loudly.  Enough. I want to be known for one thing and the thing I am hired for 90% of the time is how to get clients locally. So there. You heard it here first for reals. Watch for a big shift in messaging that’s clearer and actionable, plus changes across my site and social.

2. Stop saying yes to everything.

When I audited my year, I realized I said yes to every opportunity, client, offer, thing that I could — just in case It might lead to something. This sounds so dumb, but I ordered a “Make a Decision” note pad off Amazon from Knock-Knock. They have amazing, cheeky giant notepads on everything from meal planning, to grocery lists to brainstorming to love letters to you name it.. there’s something out there.

Anyways, I ordered this notepad to help make quicker decisions and realize what’s important — but also to filter through my big picture goals I’ve set for 5+ years too. Sometimes you just need to get out of your own way!

Here’s a pic and link to this (I’m not an affiliate or anything!).  

Make a Decision Pad from Knock-Knock on Amazon

3. Stop excusing my health away.

In my FB group on 12/31, I posted how hard and amazing 2019 was. And it’s true for me, like so many of the women in my group — it was a doozy AND wonderful.

But one thing that I completely neglected until it was too late — is my health. I’m still dealing with blood tests and doctors on some things, but I let my drive to do better at work stop me from exercising and doing more for myself.  My Dad and I signed up for a boot camp that starts this week and I’m already dying from the intro class that just tested our baseline.  Wish me luck over the next eight weeks!

4. Stop dabbling in new things.

Part of a marketer’s job is to know the trends and see what’s working and how, which is why it’s so fun.

But looking back at everything I worked on this year, it’s still chasing shiny object syndrome. And while tools change, I KNOW the rules of marketing and if something is legit or not without evening trying it. So I need to stick to what I know and love, which means I’m going deep on what’s already working and what I’ve invested in — which is still Facebook for me, not it’s not dying and Podcasting. 

5. Stop taking responsibility for my client’s decisions and taking action for them.

A dear friend and colleague, Deborah Ager, who was on the podcast for Linkedin this fall, wrote in an email that you’ll always run into problems in your business and likely life if you take action for your clients, instead of letting them take action.

I immediately wrote back to her how much I loved to ponder this, which then set me off on a course for how to inspire them to take the action instead of fret over taking the action for them so they actually get results. 

If people are paying you 1:1 that’s one thing. But if you’re not doing done-for-you work… you’re handicapping your people to fly with wings clipped. 

6. Stop putting work over fun.

You’ll see a theme in this list, but I realized that while I do still have a lot of fun — I do allow work to make more decisions about my actions than I like, in hindsight.

So that means I’m setting harder time boundaries, looking into getting back into watercolor painting, tracking the books I’ve read, taking walks with friends and scheduling a monthly girls night with my friends — those things matter too.  

7. Shut things down faster that isn’t working.

Ooh this is a good one. And I bet I’m not the only one that needs this on their stop doing list. I LOVE trying new things. And turning what I want to do personally into something for my business. It’s why I have so many communities around me, because I want to surround myself with others who want to do the same things. But my sense of duty and seeing-things-through sometimes derails me because I hang on for dear life to things that are not taking off. 

Like the #girlboss book club. Ugh. This pains me to say it, but I’m shutting it down in 2020. 

While I LOVED the books, and I loved reading them, and hundreds of you signed up for the book club. No one participated.  Like two people all year in the club actually showed up for the club part.  ?

No one responded to emails about the books when I sent synopsis or questions.


Out of hundreds of people, but y’all keep signing up. 

Does it mean I won’t do a book club? Of course not. My goal is to read more than 100 books and I’m already at 4.

But I don’t need to turn it into a business thing, even if I know SO many of you love it. It’s not worth the hassle of planning and reading and writing and scheduling if it’s not bringing me immense joy and or community. 

8. Stop staying superficial.

Having an online business means people see what you want them to see — or a random curated version when they tune in. I don’t do good with fake-ness. 

Of any kind. 

So my goal is to be real. honest. more behind the scenes and thoughts and not curated everything.

Also to do more meet ups, more real conversations, more 15-min chats to understand who listens to the podcast, who signs up for things, who is joining my list or attending my retreats and workshops.

I love connecting, and it’s what I’m investing more of. 

9. Stop going to events unless they tie to goals

Ooh this one sounded horrible to write out, but I’m being honest.

I love to travel and learn and meet people and rub elbows with big wigs like the rest of us. 

But I’m realizing that unless said event, workshop, conference, retreat, etc. has a direct impact on my bottom line either in the people I connect with, the training I receive or the ideas I generate, then I don’t need to do it. It’s such a time and dollar cost that to me, isn’t always worth it. 

10. Stop being so nice.

If people describe me they’d say three things: she’s so short, and bubbly and nice. 

Goodbye, Mr. nice guy. 

If you’ve ever stretched your policies one or two times to be nice. 

Or changed what you offer. 

Or created something new for someone who didn’t want to pay for what you normally sell… 

You know the rule. It 99.9% of the time bites you in the butt. 

You’d think I’d know this by my third year of business. 

Instead I have a sticky-note on my laptop that says No. More Mr Nice Guy. 

Not because I don’t want to help others out and be super accommodating and make sure every single woman I meet can expansively grow their business and make revenue that changes their lives. 

But because it usually costs me more. 

Time.  Stress.  Money.  Headaches. 

And I don’t need that in 2020. 

I don’t know about you, but I am THRILLED for 2020 and everything this new decade brings. 

Three more things you should know about 2020:  –
#1: The podcast is moving to MONDAYS next week.

Woot Woot. I’m excited about talking in your ear on another day — and it also gives me the space to do some more things with our topics inside the Girlboss Club. 

#2: We are going to be running live challenges this year that corresponds to the podcast topics within the #GirlBoss Club, so you actually take action on the big things we’re talking about. Make sure you join the free club NOW if you aren’t already a member.

#3: The podcast is niching down to local marketing.
It’s possible it could change names over this next year — but for now, expect to hear the same amazing marketing techniques, experts and strategy sessions that you love — just with a firm look at how to do them locally like building an email list, getting more clients, traffic, creating content that attracts people and dollars, systems, how to grow, how to launch a product, service or something new, sales and more! 

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