What’s the most overlooked market of most online businesses?

Their local market.

That’s why today’s episode was so fun to do with Jessica Skelton, a WordPress website designer who is trying to gain more traction in her local community. 

Jessica has never tried to pitch her much-needed services in her local market so this week’s strategy session dives into ideas for how she, as a self-proclaimed introvert, can position herself in a local market, even when she’s always focused on online businesses. 

From ideas of how to get her name out in the community to how to use her local network to help her get started, we talk through how to make what she does stand out in a community where most local businesses are used to a traditional agency model and pricing. 

We also chat about building relationships with other small business owners in your community and making sure your friends and family are aware of what you do so they can be your biggest allies in finding business. 

We talk about:

  • How Jessica helps clients as a WordPress web designer
  • What type of clients Jessica typically works with
  • The problems that clients run into before finding Jessica
  • Where Jessica finds her clients right now
  • Jessica’s local market and examining opportunities in her area
  • Simple ways to create an introduction that shows your expertise without expectations
  • Building relationships with other small business owners
  • Positioning yourself in a different way than agencies
  • Getting people in your community to support you and refer you to others
  • Educating potential clients about using and converting to WordPress
  • Showing up to local groups for networking opportunities

About Jessica Skelton:

Hi! I’m Jessica Skelton – WordPress Website Designer and Professional Toddler Wrangler! I live in a rural town Missouri with my soon-to-be husband, two-year-old son, and our big 90-lb lap dog. When I’m not spending time with my family or soaking up sweet seconds of alone time in my car with a coffee, you can find me diving head-first into work, building beautiful, functional, and strategic WordPress websites for my clients!

Connect with Jessica:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | 10-Minute Website Scorecard


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