Today’s guest has created the most genius business that every single woman needs. Jennifer Mackey-Mary, is a wardrobe stylist who helps women create easy, stylish wardrobes with her seasonal capsule guides.

I oohed and ahhed about them so much, that I received the Fall one and IT IS TO DIE FOR. You will want to run to her site and snag her yearly membership stat. It has made me feel so amazing about what I’m wearing and gave me a clear focus of what to pick up when I’m shopping.

Now, onto the episode. She has this seasonal digital product that she sells quarterly, and she runs a community and a podcast year-round. Her main question was how to grow what she’s doing better, using some of the strategies she’s already doing, and maybe to try something new. 

Jennifer and I chat about why you should focus on the platforms you show up best on (instead of trying to put your hands in every basket), the importance of repurposing content that you’ve already created and how Jennifer navigates her email list when prepping for launches.

We talk about her opt-in strategies, what marketing strategies and platforms are working for her and what’s not, how she has built a community in her Facebook group and why you need to show people the human side of your business.

We talk about:

  • What Jennifer does as a wardrobe stylist 
  • Why Jennifer moved her business online after moving across the country
  • Jennifer’s business model and how she works with clients
  • How clients find Jennifer online and the top platforms she uses for marketing
  • Knowing that social media isn’t always in our control 
  • Jennifer’s opt-in strategy 
  • The hardest part of social media for Jennifer 
  • Why you should repurpose content you’ve already created
  • Not putting pressure on yourself to do all of the things 
  • The process behind Jennifer’s affiliate program 
  • What Jennifer does leading up to a launch
  • Getting people to commit during busy seasons
  • Building a community through her capsules
  • Why there aren’t any clothing deals on Black Friday
  • How Jennifer manages her email list and why she invested in a nurture sequence
  • Sharing value and stories to your email list to draw people into the human side of your business

About Jennifer Mackey-Mary:

Jennifer Mackey-Mary is a wardrobe stylist who’s on a mission to make style simple for women at every stage. Over the last 19 years, she’s helped thousands of women ditch their “closets full of nothing to wear” and create easy, stylish wardrobes. Jennifer is passionate about raising confident daughters, watching historical dramas on PBS, and getting every woman in America in a better bra.

Connect with Jennifer:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Capsule Wardrobe Guide | Everyday Style School Podcast | Everyday Style Lounge FB Group | Mini Capsule Wardrobe Guide

About Marketing Magic:

The Marketing Magic podcast is where women entrepreneurs trying to do all the things come to get inspiration, business strategy, and on-air coaching on how to get their business noticed and growing. If you have a business that people need to know about in order for it to grow, you’re in the right place. This is the place to uncomplicate your marketing. Be sure to listen, subscribe, and leave a review! Join the conversation of other unapologetically successful women in her Facebook community, The #girlboss Club.