Do you have an idea for your business but you just can’t seem to wrap your brain around how you’ll package it up for clients? Does the thought of marketing this new offer make you feel dizzy or uneasy?

Today I am joined by Rachel Bailey, a parenting specialist who helps families to improve their children’s behavior, resilence or confidence. 

Rachel has been struggling to determine the best route for creating an online group program for her business so she can stop trading time for dollars in her one to one practice. But with running such a lucrative 1:1 business, her clients mostly want HER, so how do we introduce this group program in a way that makes it a no-brainer?

We dive into educating prospective clients, her current approach to creating content and my advice for including a call to action in her content. We also chat about creating a content bank to build a consistent marketing strategy and I share a few tips for how she can market her online group programs. 

We talk about:

  • How Rachel became a parenting specialist 
  • What Rachel does for clients and in her work
  • Her pricing structure for clients
  • Her goal for running groups for clients and moving her business mostly online
  • How clients find Rachel through word of mouth and speaking events
  • The power that Rachel sees in the group program
  • Issues that Rachel runs into 
  • Bringing out the long game philosophy rather than the quick fix mentality
  • How to teach parents more about their time investments
  • Rachel’s approach to creating content
  • Figuring out how to offer her services in an online format
  • Creating a content bank to pull from to build consistency 
  • Establishing a strong call to action in your content
  • Running testimonials as a part of your marketing strategy
  • Mallory’s advice for how Rachel can market her online groups 

About Rachel Bailey:

Rachel Bailey is a Parenting Specialist who has been serving families for over a decade. Besides being a mother of two, she also has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology a certification in Positive Discipline and has been an ADHD Coach, in-home mentor, and psychotherapist. Currently, Rachel provides tools to parents who have tried “all the things” to improve their kids’ behavior, resilience, or confidence… but hasn’t yet quite found the strategies that last. She is also committed to conquering the guilt and overwhelm that is associated with parenting today.

Connect with Rachel:

Instagram | Facebook | Facebook Group | YouTube | Your Parenting Long Game Podcast 

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