Are you running around trying to do all of the things for your business and feel like it’s “too early” to hire?

You may be surprised at what delegating just a few tasks could do to help your business grow. 

Today I am joined by my friend Amalie Shaffer, an integrator and project manager who helps business owners with systems and setting them up for success when building out a team.

She shares how you can decide which tasks to delegate and how having processes in place will make hiring a breeze! 

If you’ve been feeling stuck working in your business instead of on your business, you may want to listen and think about it, it might be time to hire.

We talk about:

  • Amalie’s transition from the Navy to becoming an entrepreneur
  • How to know that it’s time to start hiring in your business
  • Breaking down your tasks and categorizing them by your strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding what you want to delegate first
  • Seeing hiring as an investment rather than an expense
  • Mallory’s first hire and how big of a relief it was for her
  • Aligning processes with your goals and strategies
  • Having processes in place to make hiring a smooth transition
  • Amalie’s recommendations for what to do before hiring
  • Deciding between who to hire and going with your gut
  • Mistakes to avoid when hiring for your team
  • What comes in her Hire Your First Contractor Bundle

About Amalie Shaffer:

After serving for nearly 7 years in the Navy, Amalie Shaffer transitioned to the Navy Reserves. From there, she transitioned right into entrepreneurship with a professional organizing business. After finding online resources to take her business skills digital, Amalie decided to shift gears and offer digital marketing services.

Amalie’s always had a serving heart- she’s offered her time to EMT services, senior dogs, and other forms of volunteerism. So, it made perfect sense to her to serve online entrepreneurs like you with her strategy and organization skills.

Now that she’s been an entrepreneur for several years and a master of chaos for a decade, she can quickly pinpoint the neglected systems and processes that are keeping you from diving into your own blue ocean and fulfilling your purpose.

With Amalie as your Integrator and project manager, you can be confident knowing your businesses will reach uncharted territories and break into new revenue streams with effective and efficient teams.

Connect with Amalie:

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