LinkedIn was once just a tool for finding jobs in the corporate world. Not anymore!

This social network is quickly becoming a top resource for people to find and connect with amazing leads in their network. 

Today’s guest, Deborah Ager, shares how she uses LinkedIn in a non-traditional way to find and connect with clients for her business where she helps people develop business-building books. 

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re using LinkedIn to its full potential or if you’re curious about the book writing process, you’ll definitely want to hear this episode! 

We talk about:

  • How Deborah got started with helping clients with their books
  • Deborah’s typical clients and what she does to help them
  • How Deborah uses LinkedIn to find clients and connect with them
  • Learning to interact with people on LinkedIn in a way that grows your business
  • Being open to experimenting with your online platforms
  • The process for helping her clients write their books
  • What mindset barriers her clients overcome 
  • Creating a win-win-win solution for herself, clients and readers
  • Where clients meet her in the book writing process

About Deborah Ager:

As a 25-time+ book collaborator, Deborah Ager guides clients to create business-building books so they get more speaking engagements and sales and share their message more widely. Her clients like that she has 20+ years of experience in marketing because it helps them bake marketing into the book from the start. She’s the founder of the Book Activation Method, her signature program, which combines her experience in book development, content strategy, and marketing.

Connect with Deborah:

Website | LinkedIn | 3 Secrets to Create a Book People Want to Read

About Marketing Magic:

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