For so many small business owners, it can be tricky to figure out how to figure out exactly what you’re doing best — which leads to trying to do it all. 

The problem with being all things to all people is that until you narrow in on what you’re really good at doing AND what your audience really wants to buy from you, you might be feeling stuck in your business. 

On today’s on-air strategy session, I dive in with Becky Dempster, a home stylist and founder of Homestead 128 about how she can simplify everything and serve her clients best.  This is one of my FAVORITE episodes recently just because of the huge light-bulb moment she has that changes everything.

We talk about nailing down her services, getting laser-focused on the platforms she wants to show up on and how to upsell her services to clients.

If you’ve been feeling like you need to get focused on your services and unique selling point, you’ll want to hear this episode. 

We talk about:

  • How Becky got into her business 
  • What her home styling is like for clients
  • How clients usually work with Becky
  • Where she finds clients
  • Creating products that clients can DIY themselves
  • Her ideal clients and what they do
  • Figuring out where she should focus her marketing
  • The path that clients take before working with Becky
  • Her email marketing funnels
  • Auditing and optimizing her Pinterest page
  • The most popular room that clients get help with
  • Upselling and converting clients into home styling 
  • Getting focused on one platform

About Becky Dempster:

Becky is a home stylist for people who want a home they love.  A space that is beautiful and functions well for everyone.

Through her design plans, easy to use action lists, and home color palettes she’s here to help you create the home you long for – while making it easier than you can imagine.

I’ve got a mudroom makeover that was featured on the blogs of great magazines like Real Simple and Good Housekeeping.

Her fabulous clients have called her a “time-saver” and wish they would have just hired her from the beginning and saved themselves all of the stress and overwhelm.  Another said she is the “help I never knew I needed”.

When she’s not styling and creating you can find her chasing kids on their family farm, listening to all the podcasts, and enjoying the beautiful sunset from her front porch.

Connect with Becky:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest 

About Marketing Magic:

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