Facebook Groups take a bad rap for being a time-waster… and it totally can be.

But how do you actually use them well as a part of your marketing strategy? When used effectively, Facebook groups can be a great way to help grow your business both online and locally.

On this week’s on-air strategy session, Monique Horb of Organizing Your Chaos and I talk about how to use her growing Facebook group to transition from done-for-you local work.

Monique is a professional organizer who helps clients to declutter and organize their spaces. 

She has been trying to figure out how to transition her business and find more clients in the online space. We discuss how she got into her business, her goals for where she wants to take her business next and what her hesitations are around being visible.

If you’ve been wanting to grow your local business and reach more clients on the online space, then this is the episode for you. 

We talk about:

  • How Monique got into organizing
  • How Monique got started in her business as a professional organizer
  • What she does for her clients
  • Monique’s ideal client
  • What Monique’s goals are for her business
  • Figuring out how to transition her business 
  • What she currently does for marketing
  • Monique’s hesitation about being visible
  • How she finds her clients
  • Her offboarding process for past clients
  • Using community questions as a part of her marketing strategy
  • The importance of welcoming people into her Facebook group
  • Figuring out how to nurture clients
  • Monique’s process for working with clients
  • How she can market herself in her group without selling
  • Using social media as a visibility piece

About Monique Horb:

Monique Horb has a passion for helping women who are busy, tired, and overwhelmed. She does this by organizing homes and paper piles so that women can be more productive, have time and energy to live their purpose, and live the life they want. She loves to say, Life Is Easier Organized!

She began her business, Organizing Your Chaos, after experiencing depression, bankruptcy, adoption, marriage and medical crisis. These things were out of her control, and her home was falling apart. Through twists and turns, she learned that with an organized home she was able to manage.

Monique was raised in southwest Michigan and graduated from Taylor University, a Christian college in Indiana, with a BA in Sociology & Psychology. She met her husband through a friend while working at Spring Hill Camps in Michigan. They have been married for twenty-five years and have six children, two dogs and a cat. Her life experiences have pushed her out of her comfort zone and shaped the business that she created.

She loves to coach women in not only organizing their homes, but organizing their lives. She knows that the simple (yet difficult) act of getting your home organized gives hope to move forward and do what God has created them to d. Hope propels us forward, gives confidence, and allows changes to happen. This changes lives.

When asked, “How do you do it?” she responds, “I get up and get dressed.”

She believes that being willing to take off the mask, ask for help and work hard, alongside a faith in God, has changed her life. She continues to help women change their lives, and shares that we are all better when we are in community together.

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