When you first start your business it can be extremely intimidating trying to figure out how to package your services for your dream clients.

On today’s on-air strategy session, I am chatting with Katie Hoffer, an email marketer who helps business owners to nurture potential customers and express their true personality and brand through their email marketing.

Katie has been struggling with reaching her ideal client and figuring out the best way to package her services to clients. When starting a new venture one of the first steps is to figure out if your market is dying for what you do, or if they need it and you have to educate potential clients on the value of email marketing. We also talk through different business structures she can consider so she can reach larger businesses to be retainer clients and how to balance managing her social media for her business.

If you’re trying to figure out how to package your services to your dream clients, you’ll want to hear this. 

We talk about:

  • What Katie does in her business as an email marketer
  • Why she decided to niche down from copywriting to email marketing
  • How Katie typically works with her clients
  • Where Katie hopes to take her business for the rest of 2019
  • What kind of clients Katie works with
  • Figuring out how to educate clients on the value of email marketing
  • What Katie sees in email marketing and how she does it differently
  • Nurturing clients through emails
  • The benefits of using email marketing
  • How to target businesses for retainers
  • What Katie does to find her existing clients
  • Feeling lost on how to find her ideal clients
  • Balancing and managing social media management for her business
  • How Katie likes to show up on social media
  • How to find the latest trends in marketing

From Katie Hoffer:

I create expertly crafted email copywriting (and strategy) for solopreneurs like you looking to turn your list into a powerhouse of superfans.

​I started my email marketing business because I wanted freedom from the man. I was tired of getting that dreadful feeling every Sunday night when I should have been enjoying those moments with my family.

Tired of feeling nervous about calling off when I’m sick– (do they think I’m faking?). Tired of the sideways comments when calling off because the toddler is sick– (how many call offs until I get fired?)

Sick and tired busting my tail for someone else, with almost nothing to show for it.

I decided to take a risk and go out on my own. 

And I know you’re working your tail off too. I know you want to create a comfortable life for yourself and your family. I know you want to be able to love what you do.

Email marketing is a hard-hitting marketing avenue to invest in. And with smart email systems put in place, you’re maximizing your time and your energy. 

Turn up your business game by collaborating with me on your email marketing plan.

Connect with Katie:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Email List | Blog


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“I just want to help other entrepreneurs sound like themselves, not sounds so stiff and to be able to genuinely express their personality through their business, so they can connect with their potential clients.” – Katie Hoffer

“We start by building sequences that bring their customers into them, and nurturing them until their ready to buy.” – Katie Hoffer

“Whatever you need to do to put those blinders up so that you’re not getting sucked into feeling like you’re never doing enough on social media.” – Mallory Schlabach

“I think that was the wrong mindset because more doesn’t always mean better.”  – Katie Hoffer

“Your business grows based on the 5 people you hang out with most.” – Mallory Schlabach

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