You either love or are terrified of Instagram. Ask me how I know.

It is finally time to bring out the big guns on one of so many of y’alls favorite platforms: Instagram.

If you’ve been wanting to nail down your Instagram strategy but are unsure of how to best approach this platform then this is the episode for you.

On this episode, I chat with Sarah Wallace, an Instagram branding expert that helps clients learn how to use Instagram to engage and connect with paying clients.

She shares why you need to get clear on who you’re talking to and what you want to be known for. She also talks about how to use Instagram stories to engage with your followers and the best ways to stay consistent with your strategy. She’s a southern doll and you will adore her simple strategies that are getting her clients big results.

We talk about:

  • Why Sarah loves Instagram for herself and clients
  • What Mallory struggles with on her Instagram strategy
  • How Instagram stories have changed Instagram
  • Getting clear on what you want to be known for 
  • Understanding who you’re talking to and how you want to be percieved
  • The importance of using photos of yourself
  • Using the Instagram feed versus Instagram stories
  • How to best use Instagram stories to engage with followers
  • When and how to use an IGTV video
  • Saving Instagram stories as a highlight
  • Sarah’s top tip for staying consistent and sane
  • Batching content and planning ahead
  • How Sarah plans out her Instagram stories
  • Getting clear with why you’re on Instagram
  • How Sarah works with clients currently

About Sarah Wallace:

I teach business owners to build a personal brand online and use Instagram to amplify their message and connect with paying clients.

Connect with Sarah:

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